Marvel Legends Retro Collection 8″ Sentinel

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection 8″ Sentinel

Heh… “Kenner”…

Created by those who fear mutants as a threat to humanity, namely one Bolivar Trask, the Sentinels are huge A.I. controlled machines deployed to hunt down and capture all mutants. Armed with energy weapons, restraining devices and paired with high levels of durability, the Sentinels are an extreme threat to all mutants and humans alike.

The figure stands roughly 8.25 inches tall. It’s meant to go in scale with 3.75” figures, but they’re still tall enough that they could work well alongside 6” scale figures if you really wanted them to. One can homage the “smaller” Sentinels everyone beat up in the X-men arcade games too.

Note that the figures do NOT have holes underneath their feet.

While it’s got light-piping eyes for a gimmick, they need powerful, dedicated lights to make them pop..

The set comes with an alternate damaged head sculpt.

For weapon accessories, we get the capture tentacle. Sadly, it can only be plugged into the right hand.

It works better on 3.75” figures than on 6” figures I reckon.

Lastly, we also get a blast effects part for this set. Like the tentacle, it can only be plugged into the right palm.

Too bad this thing only has 7 points of articulation (counting the rotating forearm joint). So we can’t really get much in terms of action poses, even with the effects parts.

Getting a good deal for a set below SRP, I decided to get a little army building action going.

While the setup looks fairly decent, I don’t think I would get more than 6, since the figures do seem a bit on the bland side and getting too many would just possibly ruin the overall effect?

Overall, despite the lack of any real articulation, it’s still not bad. Originally, I had planned on hunting down some loose Nimrods to go with my Haslab Sentinel set for army building, but these seem like a better fit, they’re more economical too.


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