Marvel Legends Retro Collection Animated Venom

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Animated Venom

Released as a 2021 Hasbro PulseCon Exclusive, this version of Venom is based on his appearance from the Animated series.

While it is cool that we get a Retro carded Venom, I’m not really a fan of the deco and head design for this guy (it’s one of those things in the animated series that never sit right with me). I only picked this guy up since I was able to find the animated Retro Collection Spidey, but I’ll let him stay carded, since we’ve already gotten a ton of other previously released, better Venoms to pair up with old Web-head.

Accessories-wise, he doesn’t come with much, just extra hands and an alternate “tongue-less” head.

With the Retro Carded Animated series Spider-man.


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