Marvel Legends Retro Collection Bombastic Bag-man

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Bombastic Bag-man

After Spidey finally permanently removes his symbiote costume, thanks to some help from the Fantastic Four (way back in Amazing Spider-man 258 back in 1984), a very naked Peter Parker borrows a uniform from the Human Torch before heading home, complete with a paper bag to cover his identity.

The bag isn’t removable, but headsculpt is really so well detailed, you’d think it was.

Heh.. poor Spidey didn’t even get any boots to go with his outfit.

as a parting prank from Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch), the Johnny pins a “kick me” tag onto the back of the wall-crawler just for fun. Poor Spidey… To “complete the look” the set comes with this tag.

Since Spider-man was dependent on the symbiote for shooting webs at the time, Peter had to rely solely on jumping across buildings to get home after the symbiote was removed.

As fate would have it, Spidey ran into a liquor store robbery on the way home and had to help out, exposing his “new look” to the public, much to his embarrassment. Pete just can’t catch a break. But, it’s admirable that he still does the right thing, even when things aren’t going his way, that’s what makes Spider-man a hero.

Overall, a pretty decent set. It’s amusing to see Hasbro make this one at all (they must be really running out of ideas), but if you’re out to complete Spider-man in the ML line in all his various incarnations, then this is probably one of the more quirkier ones to have.


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