Marvel Legends Retro Collection Gray Beast

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Gray Beast

Briefly changing his fur color to gray back in 1972 so he could investigate an evil scientist, Hank Mccoy’s disguise was so perfect, he couldn’t take it off and had to be gray for a while. He would eventually go back to being blue again shortly down the road.

This set comes with an extra head and a book.

Lol… “lab gear”? Where??

Coming across this figure while it was on deep clearance, I just couldn’t pass it up. I remember this version of Beast best as a member of the Superhero group “The Defenders” from one of my earliest memories of reading a comic book when I was a kid (I was waiting in line at a dentist’s office), so it does have some special meaning for me. I’ll keep this set carded for now.


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