Marvel Legends Retro Collection Hercules

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Hercules

The immortal son of Zeus, Hercules is the strongest of the Olympians, possessing incredible strength, speed and stamina. He is even capable of fighting the Hulk to a standstill.

Lol.. gotta love that smile.

Strangely, I’m really impressed at how well sculpted the toes are on this figure.

Sigh… lack of painted leg hair here, Hasbro…

Hasbro included a “serious face” alternate head, thankfully, so we can have him fighting someone without looking like a smiling fool.

He comes with his trademark adamantine mace, which is said to be as durable as Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Aside from his incredible strength, Hercules is highly skilled in archery, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling. He also has some immunity to magic.

Previous versions of Herc

From the Annihilus wave:

From the MCU Armored Thanos Wave

Overall, a pretty cool classic take on the character. While I’m a fan of the “more clothed” look for Herc, this version does have better range of articulation compared to the previous releases. The dopey smile on this figure can be a bit too goofy to see at times and thankfully Hasbro tossed in the serious head sculpt. Also, do wish it was a bit taller, the V1 Hasbro Hercules from the Annihilus wave is much taller than this figure, but it is what it is.


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