Marvel Legends Retro Collection Negative Zone Spider-man

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Negative Zone Spider-man

Released as a Target exclusive, this version of Spider-man is supposed to be based on his appearance in recent years when he jumped into the Negative Zone to rescue some kids? I’m not entirely sure when this happened in the comics.

The figure is a redeco of “Pizza” Spidey from the Hobgoblin wave several years back.

The design is a bit strange as while the suit loses its color, it apparently also lost its web patterns (or maybe artist John Romita Jr. was having an off day and didn’t feel like drawing them in?) but the figure is an accurate representation of what Spidey’s suit looked like when he was in the Negative Zone rescuing the kids.

Lol… I can’t believe they even made a negative pizza slice. Who does that??

Who in their right mind would want to eat a negative pizza???

The figure doesn’t come with much else, aside from the extra hands and the negative pizza slice.

Display stand is not included, I just used one of my spare stands to make some dynamic poses for this guy.

Overall, a decent “blast from the past” reuse of the old Pizza Spidey body, which we haven’t seen in a long while and was once hailed as the best Spidey figure for a time. Personally, though, part of me wishes Hasbro instead used the Vintage Collection Spidey buck here since that’s the body most folks seem to be excited for these days. Ah well…


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