Marvel Legends Retro Collection Sandman

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Sandman

Returning the pieces to the tray can be a bit tricky, but this is how they’re supposed to be when placed properly.

Flint Marko (real name William Baker) was once a two-bit crook who gained powers after being accidentally exposed to radioactive sand. Using his newfound powers to score even bigger payouts in his life of crime, the Sandman crosses paths against the heroic Spider-man time and again.

The figure reuses some of the parts from Hydro-man.

Flint comes with various oversized “sand parts” that can be swapped with his hands.

The set also includes an alternate battle-damaged head.

In the comics, Flint eventually moves away from his life of crime and is even given a presidential pardon. He even becomes a reserve member for the Avengers! Talk about your redemption arcs. I guess it’s one of the reasons that I love this particular Spidey villain. Comic book writers would eventually find a way to turn him back into a criminal, but I guess that’s how it goes.

Overall, it’s not too bad. Admittedly, I originally passed on this figure since I really disliked the head sculpt on it. For some reason, the head sculpt underwhelms me a lot. It doesn’t feel like the usual level of detail we get with most Marvel Legends figures nowadays.

I eventually gave in and got this guy since I really love the Retro card theme of this Spider-man sub-line and Sandman is one of my favorite villains from the web-head’s rogues gallery. But for display purposes I think I’ll still use the one from the BAF Sandman since that one looks more impressive.


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