Marvel Legends Retro Collection Scorpion

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Scorpion

MacDonald “Mac” Gargan used to be an unscrupulous private investigator hired by J. Jonah Jameson to find out how Peter gets photos of Spider-man. He later undergoes and experimental procedure to gain powers. The process gives him increased strength and reflexes, as well as an irremovable armor with a tail. Unfortunately, the ordeal drives him insane and Gargan turns to a life of crime.

The figure is actually a full redeco of the same Scorpion figure from the “Spider-man Far From Home” Molten Man wave.

The figure’s appearance is actually based off of the 1990s Spider-man cartoons. Sporting a lighter shade of green, it’s a huge contrast to the uniformly green, metallic look of the previous figure from the Molten Man wave.

In the comics and cartoons, Scorpion actually has some “wall-sticking” powers, the same as Spider-man. Supposedly, the scorpion was selected as a base for the experiment as it was one of the natural predators of spiders.

“Comics-look” Scorpion from the “Far From Home” Molten Man wave.

Sadly, the set does not offer any accessories. We only get the figure. That’s it.

The tail is on a bendy wire, so you can position it however you wish. It can even be used to help prop up the figure as a “third leg”.

In the toons and comics, the tail is more than just for show, it’s actually cybernetic, and can be used to smash objects (like a huge club), shoot acid or even inject poison into its target.

Personally, I prefer this version, thanks to its more dynamic and vibrant shade of green.

Plus, we can see his face more clearly compared to the other costume design.

Since the body is based on an older buck, the pins are still visible on the joints.

Overall, I like this version of Scorpion a lot more than the previous release. The colors just pop out better and have more “character” than the classic green design of the comics version. I just wish we got something new with this set, like a new head, maybe extra hands? It’s just odd to see we’ve come to the point where Marvel Legends figures have such crazy price points and no longer have any accessories.


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