Marvel Legends Retro Collection Web-man

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Marvel Legends Retro Collection Web-man

Created from Doctor Doom’s “Twin Machine”, Web-man was made as an evil opposite copy of the Amazing Spider-man. The only problem was, the reverse copy effect was too effective. Since Peter Parker is a genius, Web-man was a clod and easily defeated by the wall-crawler. I think the writers back then were basically trying to rip-off Bizarro from the Superman comics when they made this guy.

The figure is a redeco of the older PS4 Gamerverse “Advanced suit Spider-man” body, rather than a reuse of the latest “vintage” Spider-man body type.

The character Web-man is listed as hailing from Earth-57780, appearing in Spidey Super Stories #25 way back in May, 1977. The fate of the duplicate Spider-man is left unknown after Spidey destroys the machine and arrests Doctor Doom.

It’s too bad that we don’t get any weblines for this guy to work with, all he comes with are extra hands.

Overall, not bad, but not too great. I just picked this guy up since it looked like a neat “Bizarro” version of Spider-man (which was the intended effect back in the day I suppose), but I do wish Hasbro used the new vintage collection Spider-man body for this figure instead of the Gamerverse Advanced suit buck. A few added accessories wouldn’t be bad either.


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