Marvel Legends SDCC 2020 Hellfire Club Boxset

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Marvel Legends SDCC 2020 Hellfire Club Boxset

Sebastian Shaw (Black King)
Jean Grey (Black Queen)
Donald Pierce (White King)
Emma Frost (White Queen)

Invitation from the Hellfire Club

“Dear friend,

You are cordially invited to the ranks of a society with a most exclusive membership.

Entry into this organization has always been a matter of nobility but a select few have ascended on the shoulders of sheer prestige and influence. It is to the latter group that you belong.

In brief, you reputation precedes you. Enquires have been made. A plan has been set in motion. The express benefits of membership are many although their cost is high. If you can survive the revolving vipers’ pit of alliances and hidden agendas, a gilded future awaits.

It is very seldom that the Inner Circle removes the shroud of secrecy and steps forward in pursuit of a new initiate. You would do well to heed their call.

The Inner Circle awaits your response…
for now.”

The included backdrop of the Hellfire Club’s fireplace is beautifully done.

Sebastian Shaw (Black King)

A mutant with the ability to absorb any form of energy and convert it into enhancing his own physical strength, speed and stamina, Sebastian Shaw is the chairman of the New York branch of the Hellfire Club.

For some reason, I just can’t unsee actor Jack Nicholson in this face sculpt. Nicely done, Hasbro.

Shaw comes with a book featuring the Hellfire club.

Wonder if the book has any interesting cheat codes? lol…

Shaw is an incredibly strong and skilled fighter, able to hold his own against Colossus.

Jean Grey (Black Queen)

The X-men’s Jean Grey was captured and temporarily brainwashed by the Hellfire Club’s Mastermind (Jason Wyngarde) into thinking she was one of them. As the Black Queen, Jean was subverted and she become cruel, attacking and taking out her former teammates, the X-men, who were there to rescue her.

While the figure looks great (primarily thanks to the awesome head sculpt), it is a huge pain to pose thanks to the heels on her boots and the large cape which can off-balance the figure most of the time.

The set offers an alternate Selene head along with her cat ‘o nine tails type whip.

Selene is one of the oldest living mutants in the Marvel Universe. She extends her lifespan by absorbing the life force of others, which also enhances her strength, speed and endurance to superhuman levels. Using these powers will cause her to age rapidly until she feeds again to restore herself. She is also able to mentally control those she doesn’t complete drain of life force. At one point in the comics, she even schemed to overthrow Sebastian Shaw as chairman of the Inner Circle.

Donald Pierce (White King)

A non-mutant cyborg, Pierce originally joined the Inner Circle to gain power and influence. Ironically, it turns out he is secretly a bigot and hates mutants with a vengeance, even his fellow Inner Circle members and plotted to have them all killed at some point.

He shares the same body design as Sebastian Shaw.


Pierce comes with alternate “robotic” hands.

Supposedly, Donald’s body has been complete modified with machinery, even his optics are bionic. The only part of his body that’s still human is his head (save for the organs), strangely.

Accessories-wise, I wasn’t quite sure who gets what with this set, but I decided to give most of the accessories to Donald, since he seems more dangerous and mechanical?

A Wolverine Mask.

Magneto’s helmet

Optional guns (can’t be held with his left robot hand).

Emma Frost (White Queen)

A powerful telepath, Frost is able to read minds and even implant suggestions into her target’s minds. She is also able to temporarily “boost” her fellow mutant’s powers by accessing their neural pathways. She can also change her own physical structure to become as hard as a diamond.

She and Black Queen share the same body figure.

Once one of the Inner Circle’s most prominent members, she eventually left and joined the X-men and became one of the good guys.

The two queens

The Hellfire Club.

A super secret society that counts the world’s richest elite amongst its prestigious members. It has branches in New York, Hong Kong and Paris. The Hellfire Club’s controlling Inner Circle has gone even as far as creating wars and commissioning assassinations to advance its power and influence around the world.

With the Hellfire Club Guards from the army builder single packs from Hasbro Pulse.

Overall, a simple yet incredibly satisfying box set from Hasbro. I know a lot of folks have been asking for the Hellfire club for a long time and it’s impressive Hasbro decided to roll out most of them in one go (the set is missing Harry Leland, while Wyngarde is coming in the Wolverine 5-pack). The female figure’s heels get in the way of posing them and I do wish Hasbro will address that for future figures down the road, but the rest of the set is really nice. Even the packaging feels really well thought out. This SDCC set definitely beats the previous one (Collector and Grandmaster).


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