Marvel Legends SDCC 2022 Mojoworld

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Marvel Legends SDCC 2022 Mojoworld

X-Babies Wolverine (Wolvie)


An artificially created lifeform from another dimension with the ability to change odds in his favor, Longshot was created by geneticists to hopefully one day free all the slaves of Mojoworld.

The figure is a pre-tool of the upcoming Longshot single pack “Retro Carded” release. That version will feature a painted eye effect (signifying Longshot’s powers are in effect), as well as a yellow star on his uniform instead of white, plus an extra satchel accessory.

The figure uses the new “pinless” body design.

As an artificially created lifeform, Longshot has unique characteristics, including only having four fingers, two hearts and leather-like skin.

Hehe, “space Macgyver”.

Longshot’s only accessory, aside from extra hands is a knife.

I would caution against using the knife sheathe, as putting Longshot’s knife in will result in stressing the strap. There’re already signs of stress marks on the straps from just trying it once on my unit.

Ideally the strap should be lower, but there’s just not enough clearance to get it lower down on the thigh.

Longshot also has some smaller throwing blades sculpted into his left “optional” hand.

Aside from his increased speed and reflexes, he is also gifted with a healing factor. His greatest power, though, is the passive ability to change probabilities and his own “luck”, created by unknown magical means. Overuse of this ability for selfish gain would usually result in bad luck for Longshot


Alison Blaire is a mutant with the ability to manipulate sound vibrations into light and energy beams and even create holograms of herself. She eventually joins the X-men, where she meets and begins a romantic relationship with the Mojoworld rebel, Longshot.

The figure actually uses the new “pinless” body design as well as double-jointed elbows, meaning it’s not a reuse of the previously released Dazzler figure.

Ugh… poor product QC, look at those leftover sprue marks on the elbow joints…

She comes with “new and improved” effects parts. I’m glad to see Hasbro modified these somewhat, rather than just straight up reuse the ones from the single pack.

I gotta say, these effects parts are really looking sharp thanks to the mixed-colored plastic blended in.

The older solo release Retro Carded Dazzler.

X-Babies Wolvie

Similar to Longshot, the X-babies are artificially created Mojo World clones of the X-men, meant to create ratings for Mojo’s TV empire.

The figure stands roughly 2.75 inches tall. Do note that it is reliant on the base to stand, without it, it just falls over. Sadly, the only articulation Wolvie has is in its ball jointed neck. Sigh..

I’m not particularly excited for this one. It would probably be better if he came with his fellow X-babies I suppose. As a single stand-alone release, it doesn’t have the same impact and looks out of place with everyone else.


The leader of an extra-dimensional race called the “Spineless Ones”, Mojo’s grip on power is dependent on their world’s television industry. As such, Mojo requires smash hit ratings for his “programs” to maintain his control of Mojo World. He creates artificial lifeforms such as Longshot and the X-babies to keep his masses entertained and thus, maintain his position of power.

The figure is a pre-tool of the mass retail release version of Mojo. That version has a lighter shade of yellow (it’s cartoon accurate though), as well as lacking “liver spots” painted on its body.

Liver spots! Also, note that the belly of the figure is actually soft and pudgy and not hard plastic. Nice.

Great details on the back of the figure!

The figure is big! It stands roughly 9 x 9 inches in dimension.

It’s a shame that the bottom of the box that’s supposed to be a background doesn’t quite work, since Mojo’s so big.

The legs of his platform actually have a lot of articulation. Nice!

The front “arms” of the platform are also very articulated. Too bad the manipulators don’t have articulation any though.

The hoses are meant to be plugged into Mojo’s shoulders. Note that the longer-ended hoses are supposed to plug into the backpack, and the shorter-ended ones plug into the shoulders. They do hinder articulation a bit though.

The bottom of the platform is supported by three clear bulbs.

Be mindful that this tail section does not bend. So avoid forcing it.

Mojo comes with an alternate “tongue wagging” head.

Sidenote: To return Mojo’s platform back into the box, there’s a specific way to position the legs. They should be posed like so to properly flatten them out.

If you’re having trouble with it, try rotating the main joints around. They’re supposed to look like this.

Overall, a good boxset. I do wish they included everything we needed for Longshot here, instead folks have to get two Longshots just to build a perfect one, but I guess that’s just Hasbro being Hasbro. I also kind of wish they didn’t give us Dazzler and instead gave us more X-babies to round out the group.

Admittedly though, had I known there would be a single pack releases of Mojo and Longshot beforehand, I would’ve probably skipped this set and gotten the solo versions instead, just to save 50% off the price. While the colors on Mojo here are better than the solo pack, I don’t think it’s worth double the price for a boxset of repaints.


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