Marvel Legends Sentry (2022 version)

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Marvel Legends Sentry (2022 version)

Robert Reynolds is given a modified super soldier serum that grants him “the power of a million exploding suns”. Naming himself as “the Sentry”, Reynolds becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Aside from flight, Superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and endurance, the Sentry can also teleport and manipulate matter and energy. The Sentry also possesses telepathy, telekinesis and invisibility.

Due to the figure’s particular hair style, the head can’t look up.

For some reason, Hasbro decided to give this figure “pistol-holding” hands. Why?? It should’ve been grabbing hands or even flight pose hands. Odd choice here, Marvel Legends design team.

Aside from the hands, his only other accessory is an alternate “Void” head.

As the Sentry’s evil alter ego, “the Void”, Robert Reynolds is a malevolent creature, capable of manipulating molecules and darkness. The void can also shapeshift. It is said that for every good that the Sentry does, the Void does a corresponding amount of evil and destruction, just to “balance the world”.

Sentry from the 2015 Odin Wave and Sentry from the old Toybiz 2007 Giant Man wave.

Overall, it’s an improvement over the original figure released by Hasbro waaay back in 2015. I was on the fence for this since the old, chunky version was still fine for me and Sentry was never really one of my favorites (too confusing back story), but I eventually gave in when this figure went on discount during a weekend mall sale.

While the figure isn’t too shabby and I like the leaner proportions compared to the 2015 version, I do wish it came with proper grabbing hands and it used the pinless body design, instead of the older “pinned joints”. Ah well…

This figure was released as a 2022 Walgreens Exclusive in the US.


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