Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron Man

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Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron Man

Officially designated as Iron Man Armor Model 8, this marks the first time Iron Man changed his primary armor’s color scheme from the traditional “red and gold” to something else. The “Silver Centurion” armor was originally designed for James Rhodes but Tony instead used it to fight off an attack from the Iron Monger (Obidiah Stane).

This figure was released as a Target Exclusive in the US.

Also popularly nicknamed the “Chameleon Armor”, one of the suit’s capabilities was generating a chameleon effect around itself, creating reflective surfaces on the suit to make the suit blend into its surroundings and seem invisible. Eventually Tony Stark dropped this innovation as it later started producing detrimental side effects to his nervous system. Stark soon installed a hologram projector instead to keep up the camouflage feature.

Blast effects

Aside from the blast effects and extra hands, the set doesn’t come with much else for accessories.

With a little help from the Bandai Soul Stage to help simulate flight poses.


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