Marvel Legends Spider-Man Absorbing Man Series

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Absorbing Man Series

Spider-man (Ben Reilly)
Jack O’ Lantern
Speed Demon

Spider-man (Ben Reily)

Personally, I’ve always loved Ben Reily, he’s what got me back into reading Spidey comics. It was like Spidey but without the baggages of a frail aunt, the girlfriend, the nagging boss. Just a crime fighter making his way through a new life. It sucks how Marvel killed him off in the Spider-verse saga all over again.

During Ben’s original run, he had new gadgets with his newly redesigned suit (which for some reason Peter didn’t think of keeping after Ben died and Peter came back). Including wrist bracelets that fire Spider tracers.

.. and impact webbing and stinger darts. All useful stuff.

Plus of course the ever dependable webs.

In one arc, Ben was controlled by the Carnage symbiote (he shook it off after 3 issues). Hence this little add on accessory.


In one of the alternate Spider-man timelines, there was one (Earth-65) where it was Gwen Stacy who got bit by the radioactive Spider and Peter was the one who died (after becoming the Lizard). She is official called “Spider-Woman”.

It’s too bad she doesn’t come with any spare hands.Her right hand will always be in “thwip” pose.


Hmm.. she’s smaller than Spidey, which is to be expected I guess, since she’s still in her teens?


Morbius comes with a spare cape accessory.

… so he can do his “Batman” pose. lol…

Not bad, I guess, the Toybiz version of this guy had a rubber face gimmick and I think most collectors who got that have now melted faces on them so this figure is somewhat needed as a replacement me thinks.

Jack O’ Lantern

Hmm… not too crazy about the skinny frame on this figure, the big head makes him top-heavy and the skinny feet are not helpful in keeping the balance up.

Pumpkin bombs


A flaming broomstick? I miss the old floating disc.


Probably the best Venom in Marvel Legends scale yet. I think it perfectly captures the Todd Macfarlane -era head.

Optional “open maw with tongue lashing” head.

“We’re coming for ya, wall crawler!”


This female version of Beetle is actually, Janice Lincoln, the daughter of Tombstone.

Glad to see Hasbro getting some mileage out of Wasp’s wings here.

Speed Demon

Speed Demon was originally called The Whizzer when he first debuted, he was last seen as one of the Superior Foes of Spider-man, along with Boomerang, Beetle, Overdrive, Shocker and Living Brain (the team is also known as part of the new Sinister Six).

Speed Demon comes with Silvermane, or what’s left of the old crime boss, after he lost his cyborg body, his head’s apparently stuck on an RC toy car now.

Absorbing Man

whoa… muscles..

I don’t know, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about Jason Statham…

Alternate head

Wrecking ball.

This marks the third version of this character under the ML line, I like it more than the previous versions though (particularly the Fin Fang Foom version)

He is quite big though. I guess to go better next to ML Thor?

The full wave.


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