Marvel Legends Spider-man Homecoming – Vulture wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man Homecoming – Vulture wave

Spider-man (proto-suit)
Moon Knight
Spider-man (Cosmic)
Beetle II


A reissue of the mold Hasbro used for the Civil War 3pack Spider-man, this time the colors are a bit brighter and we get extra hands along with “web wings” too.

I’m still not a huge fan of the redesign of the classic suit (hate the thicker lines), but it is an improvement over the Civil War figure in terms of color.

The figure comes with “squinting” eyes, a nod to the 1st appearance look by Steve Ditko. In the movie, the eyes “change” thanks to the tech in Spidey’s suit, allowing Peter to focus better (he gained increased sensitivity due to his “Spider-sense” and can be overwhelmed by sensory overload).

Spider-man (proto-suit)

The “home made” costume made by Peter, which Tony Stark refers to as a “onesie” (a one-piece jumpsuit made for toddlers).

I am really glad they went with webshooters in the MCU, as opposed to “organinc webbing”.. yuck..

Oddly, he does seem taller in the “onesie” compared to the tech suit.

The figure comes with a hoodie as an accessory.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a little crazy, believing himself to be the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, Marc Spector fights crime using his combat and detective skills. He also amassed a small fortune from his time as a mercenary, which allowed him to create various weapons and vehicles (Mooncopter). He later on gains varied super strength, based on the lunar cycle (the fuller the moon, the stronger he gets).

Moon Knight is also known to be a little crazy, as he suffers from muliple personality disorder.

In the comics, Crescent darts are fired from his forearms.

He also comes with his staff, which can seperate into nunchucks.

Spider-man (Cosmic)

Back in 1989, Marvel introduced the “Acts of Vengeance” storyline. This had the villains switching things up and targeting each other’s nemeses. Marvel decided to give Spidey a power boost to cope with the stronger Thor and Hulk class villains. It was later explained that his source of new power came from the Enigma Force and that Spidey had merged with the Captain Universe. Spidey used up the Uni-power inside him stopping a nuclear meltdown at the finale of the story arc.

It’s a shame the figure doesn’t come with any effects parts.

More recently, in the Spider-verse saga, we see a more mature Peter Parker who managed to maintain the Captain Universe powers in one of the parallel universes. It was in his world where the other Spider-heroes regrouped under his protection from Morlun and his family of Slayers.

Sadly, it appears this version of Peter perished when Morlun was finally able to defeat him in the final invasion.

The figure also comes with a “normal” Captain Universe head. The hero who might be you.


One of the most dangerous enforcers and hitman for the New York crime bosses in the Spider-man comics was Tombstone, aka Lonnie Lincoln.

Originally an African American albino, Tombstone had no real powers other than excellent hand to hand combat skills. He later on gains super strength and endurance as a result of being exposed to mutagenic gas at an Osborn Chemical plant during a fight with Spider-man’s friend, Joe Robertson.

I do wish they went with tuxedo for this character, to make him look more distinguished, as opposed to using this design, which kinda makes him look like a pimp.

I’m too sexy for this shirt!

Beetle II

Finally!! We at long last get a proper Beetle in the Spider-man line, I’ve been wanting this guy for ages, ever since the old Toybiz Marvel Legends days. After the huge armorized version, the female version and the Ultimates universe version, we now get this guy.

Too bad he doesn’t come with extra “zapping” hands.


I think I should really break out all the classic Spider-man villains some day. Way past time for an updated group shot.


Adrian Toomes in the movie was the best part of Spider-man Homecoming. Michael Keaton played this guy so well, it was scary. It’s a real shame we don’t get an alternate head with Keaton’s likeness. I guess he didn’t sign off on it.

The Build a Figure, the Vulture’s wings.

I gotta say, when I first heard the news what the BAF piece would be for this set I was really disappointed. Now that I have it in hand, it is actually very, very impressive. I like all the details that went into this crazy thing and it looks ridiculously good in person.

Moving joints across the wings.

The support base for this thing is pretty decent too. It does a very good job of keeping the wings up with no issues whatsoever.

Fully extended, the wings span roughly 22 inches in length.


The wings can fold up too!

Bird of prey

The full wave


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