Marvel Legends Spider-man Kingpin wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man Kingpin wave

Spider-man (Six-armed)
Black Cat
Symbiote Spider-man
Night Thrasher
Silver Sable
Red Goblin

Spider-man (Six-armed)

A result of Spider-man trying to cure himself of his powers and wanting a normal life, the experiment went wrong, resulting in his mutation getting worse. He develops extra hands instead.

If this isn’t an “oh, crap!” situation, I don’t know what is.

Peter at first has problems trying to get his new own arms out of the way, but he later gets the hang of it.

I guess because of the various joints already included from the spare arms, Hasbro decided to drop the waist and mid-torso ab-crunch joints. This figure also does NOT come with any BAF piece for Kingpin.

Black Cat

Spider-man’s on again, off again lover and part time criminal is back. This time Felicia Hardy’s costume is based on her appearance from when she was jilted by Spider-man (it was Doc Ock in Peter’s body) and she decided to take over New York as a crime boss.

Heh, clever use of a whip to make it look like a cat’s tail.

Watch out, Spider, this cat’s got claws.

She also comes with a whip accessory, but it seems too thick. It looks more like a mechanical tendril than a whip.


Originally depicted as an enemy due to a misunderstanding, the Puma became one of Spider-man’s allies.

Thomas Fireheart is a Native American who undergoes transformation into the Puma through intense concentration.

Like his namesake, the Puma has increased skill, speed and strength.

When not in Puma mode, Thomas Fireheart is one of the most successful and respected businessman in the world of Marvel Comics.

At first misguided by the Daily Bugle’s anti-Spider-man articles, the Puma goes on a hunt for the hero. He later realizes his mistake and makes up for it by buying the entire Daily Bugle and taking over as its new boss to make life easier for Peter Parker.

Symbiote Spider-man

Appearing in the finale of “Going Down Swinging” in Amazing Spider-man #800 by writer Dan Slott and various artist, Venom lends Spider-man his symbiote in order to stop the Red Goblin, a crazed Norman Osborne who has merged with the Carnage symbiote.

A slight error with the feet tooling, in the comic, Spider-man’s feet are just normal, not clawed like how it is here.

I can’t say I like the odd shape of the new eyes.

But it’s good to see Spidey back in black, even if it was just for a few brief pages.

Night Thrasher

Dwayne Michael Taylor witnessed his parents murdered when he was young and later on trained himself to become a skilled martial artist, inventor and hacker. He is also one of the Founders of the super hero group, the New Warriors.

He comes with an optional backpack for storing his skateboard and Eskrima sticks.

I find it very odd to see his skateboard and backpack intentionally scratched up. I wish they sculpted it clean instead.

Night Thrasher’s suit is an armor composed of composite Kevlar and borosilicate. The suit cannot be penetrated by conventional bullets or knives. It also has a camouflage mode and the helmet has various features such as a breathing apparatus, infrared and night vision and a voice scrambler. His forearms can also be mounted with micro missiles.

Night Thrasher also carries a pair of truncheons, or Eskrima sticks, which he calls “Battle Staves”.

His skateboard is made from armored fiberglass and can be used as a shield.

It’s a bit tricky to get him to ride on his skateboard, as there are no foot pegs on it. But it can be done with some patience.

Look out! It’s Batman on a skateboard!!

Silver Sable

As leader of the mercenary for hire group, the Wild Pack. Silver Sablinova is a skilled martial artist, and expert marksman.

Despite having no super powers, she and her team are usually called in to provide security for international matters, making them cross paths with heroes such as Spider-man and Captain America.

She comes with a high-tech looking sidearm….

..And a rifle.

If you have the Lilandra head, you can use it on this torso.

To complete the look, the only cape that I can think of to use is Emma Frost’s cape from the old Annihilus wave. But that would require painting the cape from white to blue.

Red Goblin

The Red Goblin is actually Norman Osborn, with his memories restored and now controlling the Carnage symbiote.

I was hoping his jaw could be opened, no such luck.

The figure’s tail is fixed in position, it’s a bit hard to pose him right since the tail cannot be moved.

The Red Goblin is so powerful, that even a combined team of Spidey’s allies (Silk, Miles, Clash, Torch and Anti-Venom) were easily taken out.

His only accessory is a “carnaged” Pumpkin Bomb (it’s sentient, I think), too bad he doesn’t come with his “carnaged” Goblin Glider.

Spider-man and the Green Goblin clash, one more time.


Richard Fisk, aka, the Kingpin of Crime. Originally appearing as a legitimate businessman, Fisk actually controls all crime in New York City in the Marvel Universe. His influence and network of criminals is so vast and wide, nothing escapes his notice.

He comes with his cane.

He’s taller than your average Marvel Legend figure.

An angry head is also included.

I should really try to dig out Daredevil and pair that figure up with this guy. Maybe next time.

If you have the Professor X set, you can put the Shadow King head on this figure to create a separate character.

But for the full look, you will have to swap out the fists and put in Venom’s clawed hands to get an accurate look. You can also use Caliban’s hands from the Caliban wave

The full wave


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