Marvel Legends Spider-man Lizard wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man Lizard wave

Spider-man Noir


Gwenpool originally started as a Deadpool x Gwen Stacy variant cover for Secret wars #2. She became popular enough that some began cosplaying her, Marvel decided to fully create the character and she even had her own solo series.

Gwenpool’s real name is Gwen Poole, she arrived from the real world in the Marvel Universe, she has expansive knowledge of the stories of everyone in the MU and uses this knowledge to fight the bad guys. She doesn’t have any real super powers aside from being a fast healer, but she has trained with the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe after her arrival.

She comes with an alternate “wacky” head and “v-sign” hand.

She comes with a smart phone accessory for taking “selfies”.

Her phone can be stored on her belt pouch.

Her default hands are meant to close together to form a “heart”.

Her katanas can be sheathed in her penguin backpack.

She is very proficient in firearms as well (just like Deadpool), it’s a shame the figure doesn’t come with guns.

Unfortunately, her comic was cancelled after 25 issues. I think she’s still hanging around in the Marvel Universe though.


Possessing no real powers, Hobart Brown creates his own tech-suit based super-villain persona to rob and steal. After encountering Spider-man on his first act as a thief, the hero convinces Prowler to give up a life of crime and instead become a hero. The young Hobie Brown takes the lesson to heart and changes his ways.

His suit grants him the power to climb walls, while his cape allows short distance gliding.

The claws on his suit are titanium laced, his gauntlets fire various forms of projectiles, including sleeping pellets.

I’m not a big fan of how the cape was executed on the toy, the huge moving collar just ruins it for me.

Hey kids! Look! It’s the green Spawn!


Hailing from Earth-138, Spider-Punk is actually Hobart Brown (Prowler), using his rocker status as a symbol of hope against President Osborn.

I love the texture they used for making his jacket. Wish I knew what the letters on his back stand for.

In the Spider-verse comics, he gains powers from a spider bite that was irradiated because of President Osborn’s toxic waste dumping. He also has web shooters for some reason. His band is called the “Spider Slayers”.

His default right hand has a guitar pick sculpted in.

He eventually kills President Osborn by smashing his guitar over the latter’s head. I’m not sure why it worked since it was revealed that Osborn was fused with the Venom symbiote.

Yeah, I like to think he’s actually playing Western country style music myself.

Spider-man Noir

Set against a 1930’s-esque backdrop, Spider-man Noir gains his powers from a mysterious broken antique spider statue containing spiders, the statue breaks and one of the spiders bites Peter Parker. He gains the same powers as the usual Spider-man, including Spider Sense and organic webbing.

Noir isn’t above using guns or killing, unfortunately…

His gun can be holstered on his hip. He only has one holster despite having two pistols.

Heh, the figure reminds me of Snake eyes from G.i. Joe.

Who needs web shooters, right?


Jessica Drew finally gets a modernized look, starting with issue 5 of volume 5 of her solo comic.

Her goggles are removable.

I gotta say I am loving her new costume. Very chic.

Her powers include venom blasts (bio electric energy projection), flight, wall crawling, superhuman strength and reflexes and pheromone manipulation.

After the events of Secret Wars, it’s shown she is pregnant. She later reveals she wanted to start a family and opted to go to a sperm bank to become pregnant. She is currently in a relationship with the reformed super villain Porcupine (Roger Gocking), while raising her child, Gerry.


Quitin Beck, a special effects man turned super villain, he uses a various gimmicks and illusions to perpetrate crimes and is one of Spidey’s oldest villains.

The cape and fishbowl are just one accessory.

The head underneath is pretty cool. Just the thing for a special effects man to use.

The old Toybiz version was one of my favorite MLs, but the better proportioned fishbowl dome here looks better.

Hasbro included some smoke effects parts for his legs.

It’s all about presentation, folks!

Funfact: Mysterio is revealed to be the next villain in the next Spider-man movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the effects man turned super villain.


This is what Lasher’s tendrils are supposed to look like on the tray. A bit tricky to return.

This character choice was quite a surprise for me in this wave, one of the symbiote spawns from Venom, during the Venom: Lethal Protector story arc. Lasher is created by the Life Foundation alongside his siblings Agony, Phage, Riot, Scream.

Heh, I can’t unsee Mark Bagley’s Spider-man style in those eyes.

His tendrils do tend to get in the way, I had to position them a by snagging them on his arm to clear the shot for his face sometimes. Odd choice for tendril positions IMHO.


Ahhh… good old Doctor Curt Conners, aka, the Lizard. Hasbro’s take on this guy is a bit underwhelming for me. Especially for a BAF.

He comes with joints for his tail.

Unfortunately, his legs are somewhat fixed in position, you can’t “unbend” them, making the knee joints utterly useless. This is where it falls flat for me.

The figure also seems too hunched over due to the issue with the knees. You can’t really pose him in action shots, and since he looks shorter than he really is, he doesn’t seem too imposing anymore when he’s stuck like that.

The design of his lab gown also hinders his leg stance articulation. He can’t do splits.

I’m also not too crazy about the face sculpt either. Makes me think of Jurassic Park’s velociraptors.

It’s really a shame. This guy should’ve been awesome but the silly knee joint design really ruined the overall figure. The old Toybiz Fearsome Foes boxset Lizard seems better, albeit not as bulky as this guy.

The full wave.


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