Marvel Legends Spider-man No Way Home Armadillo wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man No Way Home Armadillo wave

Integrated Suit Spider-man
Black & Gold Suit Spider-man
Doctor Strange
J. Jonah Jameson
Gamerverse Miles Morales

Integrated Suit Spider-man

Spider-man’s new, upgraded suit. It still has the previous suit’s “web-wings” for gliding but with a newly improved design for longer flight time. It’s durability has also been greatly enhanced, allowing it to withstand pumpkin bombs at point-blank range. Lastly, the suit also now has improved web shooters that can fire taser webs to shock and stun his opponents.

I originally thought this figure was a redeco of the Iron Spider suit from Endgame, I was wrong. It looks like it’s an all-new mold release from Hasbro.

I’m not sure how I feel about the lack of painted weblines on the suit, though.

Lol… golden spider logo, I miss the days when Peter wasn’t so ostentatious.

Aside from the webline hands, the set doesn’t really offer anything else. Sigh..

I used a third-party display base for more added poses.

Black & Gold Suit Spider-man

After Peter couldn’t remove the green paint splashed on him from an angry “Pro-Mysterio” stranger on his Integrated Suit, Spidey decided to flip his suit inside out to hide the paint, exposing the wiring underneath while he battled with Electro.

I really like how you can make out the details of the exposed “electronics” from the flipped suit. Though, for the suit to be screen accurate, it does need to show blue wires running across Spidey’s body, along with a smartphone tapped to his chest for Ned and MJ to see what’s happening.

In the movie, a large majority of the suit got splashed with paint, but Spidey kept his gloves properly worn since they weren’t covered in paint like the rest of the suit.

Same as with the other Spider-man figure in this wave, we only have alternate web-spinning hands for accessories with this figure.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange becomes involved with Peter’s current dilemma after the latter visits him to help solve his revealed secret identity problem. The results of their tampering have widespread, multiversal effects.

The doc comes with new hands, so he can (somewhat) hold the Eye of Agamoto.

While the Eye no longer houses the Time Stone, it still holds incredible power for Doctor Strange to channel into.

Strange also now comes with “magic” effects parts.

The right shield is bigger than the left for some reason?

J. Jonah Jameson

As the show host for the “Daily Bugle” news program, John “J” Jonah Jameson uses his show as a platform to attack Spider-man in order to gain media mileage and boost his own ratings.

The body is a reuse of the Chameleon body with a new “buttoned-up” jacket and sans the necktie.

JJJ comes with an alternate “yelling” head, since that’s what he does 90% of the time. The likeness of actor JK Simmons is super accurate for both heads.

I wish he came with a closed right hand, though. It’s odd seeing his index finger out all the time.

He also comes with “open palm” hands for when he goes on rants.

I bet JJ probably dreams of doing this every night.

Gamerverse Miles Morales

Based on Miles’ appearance in the Playstation 4 and 5 consoles’ Spider-man game by Insomniac Games. The series picks right up after the Spider-man game left off, with Peter going to Symkaria and leaving New York in Miles’ care as the current Spider-man. Miles must fight to defend the city from the Roxxon Energy Corporation and the Tinkerer’s criminal army called the “Underground”.

Is it just me, or is the logo really meant to be upside down?

The set comes with an unmasked Miles head.

Thankfully, Hasbro was more generous with this set and included “venom blast” hands for Miles, along with “crawling” and “webshooting” hands as well.

As this figure follows the Gamerverse Spider-man scale, it’s taller than the MCU Spider-man figures in this wave.


An entity from Earth-001, Morlun travels across multiverses to hunt Spider Totems. Morlun and his kind feed on the life forces of Spider Totems, killing their prey in the process. Morlun is the first character who actually manages to kill Earth-616’s Spider-man in the “Spider-man: The Other” storyline.

With each successful hunt, Morlun’s vitality and powers increase. He can easily drain the life force of anyone by just a simple touch. He has incredible levels of speed, endurance and power, as Spider-man notes that he’s “never been hit harder in his life” following a battle with Morlun. He also has the ability to regenerate himself to a degree. Morlun requires to feed periodically, otherwise he will start to weaken.

Unlike regular vampires, Morlun’s kind can easily absorb life essence through simply touching their prey.

Morlun comes with an alternate “smiling” head.

Since I’m too lazy to dig out a proper 616-universe Spider-man figure, I just went with the Integrated suit for this shot of Morlun feasting.


Frances Louise Barrison is a criminally insane mutant. Her powers allow her to manipulate sound. She can also shooting sonic energy blasts from her hands. She is the lover of the Spider-man supervillain, Carnage.

This new buck is pretty popular for customizers, since it uses the new “pinless” design for female figures, it also has double elbow articulation, an innovation for female Marvel Legends figures. I think a lot of folks used this as a base to customize a better Black Widow figure.

Aside from her sonic powers, she also has some latent psionic abilities, which allows her to levitate and even manipulate a person’s emotions to create intense fear or hatred.

When swapping out hands, make sure not to lose the bracelet on her left arm (there’s no bracelet for the right arm). I nearly lost this as I wasn’t aware it was there until I saw it on the floor. Lol.. I’m getting old..


Antonio Rodriguez was an ordinary human given powers thru genetic experimentation by Dr. Karl Malus. He began his criminal career as a way to pay for treatment for his then terminally ill girlfriend. More recently, he’s been using his earnings from robberies to pay for treatments to undo his transformation.

Like his namesake, Armadillo has a very thick armored hide, which makes him virtually bulletproof, and hardened claws for combat and tunneling. Antonio is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as he was a fighter before his transformation.

The full wave

Overall, not bad, but not great? While I love the Armadillo figure, it seems like an odd choice for a BAF, when it should’ve been a character that appeared in No Way Home movie. I think they should’ve at least given us Aunt May or the new Green Goblin for this wave.


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