Marvel Legends Spider-man (partial) 2023 Retro Wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man (partial) 2023 Retro Wave

Spider-man (Ben Reilly)

Lol… “flower power”… what??

Spider-man (Ben Reilly)

Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker is back in action again! After being killed by the Green Goblin and brought back to life by the Jackal, Ben finally gets his chance to be Spider-man again for a second time, thanks to the Beyond Corporation and Peter being severely poisoned after a battle with the U-Foes.

The figure uses the latest Marvel Legends Spider-man body design.

The eyes on the figure actually sport some pearlescent finish on them.

Ben’s new costume is made by the Beyond Corporation, who’s purpose is to have their own personal superhero out on the streets. It has added features such as filters inside the mask to protect Spider-man from poison gases, while the suit’s inner lining has “impact thickening” foam padding that protects Ben from heavy blows and explosions and even protects from massive radiation exposure.

Sigh… it sucks that the set only comes with two hands as accessories for Spidey.

I really hate it when Hasbro cheaps out and only gives us one “thwip” hand for Spider-man figures. C’mon…

Using a third-party stand to get more mileage out of the figure.


Richard Fisk is the son of Wilson Fisk, the notorious Kingpin of Crime in New York City. Joining his father’s criminal organization as one of his lieutenants and adopting the identity “the Rose” as a way to undermine it from within, Richard plots to destroy his father’s legacy as revenge for the abuse he took from him when he was still a child.

As the Rose, Richard wears a bullet-proof three-piece suit. While he doesn’t possess any super powers, the Rose is well-versed in small arms and has some moderate hand-to-hand combat training.

Hmm..I think the shoes are a new design? He doesn’t seem to have any problems standing, unlike the usual older Marvel Legends “suited” figures.

Of course, he comes with his namesake as an accessory.

His “rose holding” hand can also be used as a pointing hand too, I guess.

While he can only hold one gun at a time, he comes with two guns for some reason. They’re the same type of gun, the other just features some added customizations.

The gun is also designed to work with effects parts from other more recent Marvel Legends guns if you have them.


She comes with her iconic sais. Err… that’s it.

Admittedly, I got this on a whim, since it’s somewhat hard to come by. I haven’t read Elektra’s run as Daredevil in the comics yet, but I thought I’d get the figure first and keep it carded until I decide what to do with it.


After the original Tarantula (Anton Miguel Rodriguez) was killed, Luis Alvarez takes up the mantle of Tarantula. Armed with the same costume that featured retractable poisoned claws and boot-blades, he follows his predecessor as a mercenary from the fictional South American republic of Delvadia. Already a gifted athlete and skilled hand-to-hand fighter, he is also given chemical augmentations to further boost his natural abilities.

The body is a reuse of the older Marvel Legends Sunfire buck.

It’s too bad the tails of his mask aren’t poseable. There’s no joint for rotating it around.

Yeah, the body still uses the visible pins design for its joints.

His costume’s motif is all about his pointy shoes.

Tarantula’s boot-blades and claws are coated in various drugs, which can incapacitate or kill his opponent when he even just scratches them.

While great for close-quarters combat, Tarantula needs to get close to his opponents to do anything.

The partial wave

I didn’t bother with Miles and Jessica Drew for this wave, since I am not a fan of those particular costumes. I’m also not a fan of Ben Reilly as the supervillain Chasm either (from when he lost his Peter Parker memories), so that was an easy pass. Maybe later on if they ever go on clearance, but no way am I paying full price for those figures.


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