Marvel Legends Spider-man SP//dr wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man SP//dr wave

Doc Ock
Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)
Cloak (Tyrone Johnson)
Dagger (Tandy Bowen)
Daredevil (All-New, All-Different Marvel version)
House of M Spider-Man

Doc Ock

Ock’s tentacles are a bit tricky to place on the tray, but this is how they should look like.

He does not come with any BAF pieces. just his tentacles.

Tentacles plug in easily into the back.

One of Spider-man’s oldest and most iconic foes, Doctor Otto Octavius, after so many Marvel Legends waves, we’re finally getting this guy. This is based on his “classic” costume. He’s upgraded it over the years but this remains the most recognizable version.

It’s pretty neat that his eyes are painted underneath the shades. The glasses are not removable though.

As cool as this figure is, the tentacles are NOT bendable, so they’re more or less fixed in how they’re posed, which really sucks since the “long” tentacles are facing away from the front. I’m really half-tempted to “cook” these and bend them around. The “short” tentacles are facing forward just fine.

I think I’ll try to score another Doc Ock later on just for the short tentacles, since those are facing forward. As is, with the tentacles facing all over the place, it kinda seems awkward to look at.

The good news is that you can switch around the position of the tentacles, so that won’t look too shabby.

In more recent Spider-man comics, the Doc has become a force of good. Even getting a new “fit” clone body and actually becomes a full-fledged hero (albeit an egotistical one) after the events of the second Spider-verse saga as the “Superior Spider-man”.

Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

After years of hounding Ben Reilly (the other Spider-man clone) as his nemesis, Kaine is finally reformed and is one of the good guys, as the other Scarlet Spider (they really need to give him his own code name). More recently, Peter gave him his “Big Time” costume, which has cloaking abilities, which Kaine redesigned into his more familiar red and black costume.

Hasbro kinda cheated here a bit and reused the Captain Universe Peter Parker head as the “unmasked” Kaine head, in the comics he actually has scars on his face as a result of the imperfect cloning.

Kaine (as the new Scarlet Spider) was written as a darker version of Peter in the comics, behaving more like an anti-hero compared to the original Peter Parker.

In the comics, the entity known as the Other had selected Kaine as the new avatar for a time (after Peter gave up his role as the Other’s avatar), this gave Kaine the ability to produce Spider Stingers form his palms which are capable of hurting the Spider-hunter Morlun and his family of “Inheritors”.

The Stingers only appear whenever the avatar faces some who’s being is rooted in the forces of darkness and chaos.

Following the events of the first Spider-verse saga, Kaine was killed fighting Morlun and is later resurrected, but he was no longer tied to the Other. Since then it was revealed that the father of Mayday Parker became the new avatar for the Other.

Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) was originally released in the “Return of Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Wave” and was a repaint of the Big Time Spider-man buck, I feel this new version we got in this wave is a huge improvement over that one.


An assassin for the ninja organization, The Hand, Elektra Natchios is also occasionally romantically involved with the hero, Daredevil.

It’s a shame that due to the restrictive thigh-hip joint design, she can’t do wide spreads.

She comes with her usual weapon of choice, her sais.

Hasbro has been really knocking their female face sculpts out of the park, this is the best Elektra figure by far.

Too bad she doesn’t come with an alternate “bandana-less” head like the one from the old Ronin 2pack.

Previous Elektras (L-R Hasbro 2pack, Toybiz)

“Bandana-less” alternate head from the 2pack.

Cloak (Tyrone Johnson)

Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen meet as runaways in the pages of Spectacular Spider-man and are kidnapped and turned into guinea pigs by chemist Simon Marshall who was developing synthetic form of heroin for crime boss Silvermaine. They instead develop super powers (as a result of heroin??). 17-year old Tyrone then becomes the hero Cloak.

Cloak’s cape is removable, by unbuttoning the clip on his left shoulder.

Sadly, his hood is glued onto his head.

Because of the design they went with, the cape restricts the figure’s movement, you can only lift his arms up to a level. I wish they could’ve included some sort of alternate “open” cloak for the figure for grander poses.

Dagger (Tandy Bowen)

The same chemicals that created Cloak also gave Tandy Bowen her light powers (go figure). She names herself Dagger and the pair make it their mission to help runaway kids.

The figure comes with her “dagger” light constructs which can be equipped on her wrist for a “throwing” effect.

The pair have different sets of powers, despite being given the same chemicals (ah, the 80s, huh?).

Cloak can use his cape to teleport himself and others over vast distances. He can also become intangible, generate and control darkness, and can cause paranoia in his opponents. He is psionically linked to Dagger.

Dagger can generate light construct daggers that can be hurled at her opponents, likewise she can also use her light daggers to heal, and her light can also to help cure addictions and purge corrupted individuals.

Cloak suffers from a hunger to feed individuals into his cape as a result of his powers, Dagger’s light is the only thing that can pacify the hunger, otherwise cloak would become out of control and start absorbing anyone he sees.

Daredevil (All-New, All-Different Marvel version)

As a part of the relaunch of the book under the All-New, All-Different Marvel comics, Daredevil is back with a new costume look.

He still comes with a holster for his clubs, but without a proper club accessory, these are kinda pointless.

The Man Without Fear

It’s impressive that Hasbro decided to reinvent the club accessory and make it seem like something out of the comics. The “rope” is not bendable but its fine since it all comes together nicely.

As much as I like the new costume, I think he’s back in his classic “all red” duds.

House of M Spider-Man

Based on Spider-man in the House of M saga, where the Scarlet Witch alters reality and grants everyone their deepest wishes.

In the House of M universe, Spidey becomes everything he ever wanted, he saved uncle Ben by stopping the burglar, becomes a huge celebrity and inventor and is rich and married to Gwen Stacy. It all comes crashing down as Peter feels guilty as he keeps seeing visions of the true Marvel Universe and all that he has fought for, self destructs, creating the Green Goblin persona to attack friends and family until he is exposed. Not quite as heroic as I would’ve liked.

Spidey comes with a web thread, an accessory that first came out with the Amazing Spider-man movie figures.


Created for the first Spider-verse saga, the original pilot of the mech was Peni Parker’s father. After the original Sp//dr was murdered, Aunt May and Ben Parker adopt Peni and let her become the new pilot of the Sp//dr mech. The mech is actually composed of three components, the pilot, the mech and a sentient radioactive spider.

The mech is a bit tall, but I expected it to be taller, since the pilot rides inside the torso and isn’t just a body of armor.

The figure sports limited articulation and is a bit hard to pose due to the design of the feet based on the comics.

Sp//dr is based on alternate Earth-14512.

The full wave


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