Marvel Legends Spider-man: The Animated Series Green Goblin & Mary Jane

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Marvel Legends Spider-man: The Animated Series Green Goblin & Mary Jane

Green Goblin

When wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn is caught in accidental explosion involving chemical gases at his factory, it creates an alternate twisted personality. Arming himself with the confiscated modified weapons of the Hobgoblin, he becomes the insane supervillain, Green Goblin!

The figure uses the same body as the Retro Carded Hobgoblin.

Definitely a much better headsculpt than the Retro Carded Green Goblin version.

His “briefs” are of a different shade of color. Just like in the cartoons.

Since the figure is a reuse of the older body, it still uses pinned joints.

Goblin comes with his man-purse for holding all his goodies (still doesn’t really open though).

Naturally, Green Goblin also comes with his Goblin Glider. The Glider is a retool of the previous Gliders but with a new toon-accurate look.

Too bad the set doesn’t come with the flight stands we usually get with Goblin Gliders.

It’s also a shame that the Goblin doesn’t have any “pointing hands” to recreate his “firing electric gloves” attack. Some Razor Bats would’ve been a nice add-on too.

In the end, all this Gobby figure can count on for weaponry as usual in the Marvel Legends line is his standard Pumpkin Bomb.

Lastly, the set comes with an all-new Norman Osborn head for Green Goblin .

The headsculpt is pretty decent, he’s even got an evil smirk on him now. But I feel that the blush on for his skin tone is a bit too much? It’s like he’s got make up on.

Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker’s girlfriend. Mary Jane Watson had dated several men in her life and even got engaged to Harry Osborn (Norman’s son). She would eventually call it quits with Harry and go on to date Peter Parker.

I can’t say I’m a fan of her bangs design. It doesn’t quite capture her look from the cartoons IMHO.

Her pants and boots are all new tooling.

Heh, the figure’s headsculpt even features dimples, just like in the animated models.

In the 1994 Spider-man the Animated series, the real Mary Jane never learns of Peter’s secret identity. She was lost in a portal created by Green Goblin’s Time Dilation Accelerator Device by the end of season 3. In the following season, Peter tells MJ the truth and they do get married, it was later revealed that that version of Mary Jane was actually a water clone created by an obsessed Morris Bench (Hydro Man), with the real one still lost in limbo.

While fans never got to see what became of the real Mary Jane, in the series’ unproduced sixth season, it was indicated that Spider-man would time travel (with the help of Madame Web) to early England to rescue a time-displaced Mary Jane and bring her home. We did get a glimpse of her back in Peter’s life in the Spider-man Unlimited animated series, which supposedly takes place after the events of the original animated timeline.

It’s a shame the set doesn’t come with the Time Dilation Accelerator, it would’ve been a perfect fit for this particular two-pack.

In the original comic books, before Gwen Stacy’s death, Mary Jane was always seen as the shallow “party girl” in Peter’s group of friends (before writers made her a more mature character). I guess on some level this could’ve happened..? lol…

Overall, a pretty decent set. I just wish it came with more accessories (as usual). I was on the fence for it since I only wanted the Goblin (the previous Goblins just don’t capture the classic look right) and I’m not particularly fond of the MJ design from the Animated Series (that gawdy yellow sweater… yeesh). But I eventually decided to get the set just to pair up this MJ with the upcoming Animated Series Peter Parker.

This set was released as a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive.


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