Marvel Legends Spiral

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Marvel Legends Spiral

Rita Wayword was a former human stuntwoman who met and fell in love with the dimension-displaced hero, Longshot. After being captured and experimented on by Mojo’s chief scientist, Rita becomes twisted and extremely loyal to Mojo. She serves as the insane overlord’s most trusted lieutenant and even travels back to the past to create the events that would lead to her past self’s own capture by Mojo on purpose.

I love how Hasbro was able to work in all those arms onto this figure.

The arms all use the new “pinless” design too. Nice. Strangely though, the set only comes with extra left hands. No extra right hands.

Spiral comes with several bladed weapons.

Note that Spiral’s swords are of two different lengths, one pair is shorter than the other pair.

Apart from her impressive combat skills thanks to her additional arms, Spiral is able to cast powerful immobilizing magic spells as a sorceress. She can also teleport and even see into other dimensions.

As an agent of Mojo, Spiral is also skilled in cybernetics. While stuck in the past, she begins selling cybernetic parts to known enemies of the X-men, particularly Lady Deathstrike, as well as the Reavers. Spiral is also partially responsible for the creation of the X-man, Psylocke.

The previous Spiral figure was part of the Target Exclusive Red Hulk wave.

With her master and ruler of the Mojoverse, Mojo.

Overall, a really great figure. It’s been a long while since Hasbro originally released a Spiral, from way back at the start of their run on the Marvel Legends line back in 2008! Hard to imagine how far things have come, especially the SRP. (lol)


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