Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme 2-pack (Hyperion & Doctor Spectrum)

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Marvel Legends Squadron Supreme 2-pack (Hyperion & Doctor Spectrum)


As a member of the alien race known as the Eternals, Hyperion has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and flight. His only weakness is exposure to Argonite radiation.

The figure uses pinless legs, but has pinned elbow joints.

Due to the belt, the figure’s waist articulation is hindered.

In the comics, Hyperion’s backstory tends to be very convoluted due the various versions of the character. For this incarnation based on the “Heroes Reborn” saga, he’s a simulacrum created by Mephisto to supplant the Avengers as the main superhero team.

In his secret identity as “Marcus Milton”, Hyperion poses as a mild-mannered man in his personal time. In the “Heroes Reborn” setting, he’s a history teacher at Buscema High School in Kensington, Maryland

In case you missed it, Hyperion is the Marvel Universe’s version of DC Comic’s Superman (one of many. lol).

The figure doesn’t really come with much aside from alternate hands (which have no use since he doesn’t have any weapons to hold). I kind of wish they included open hands with the figure so he can grab onto things.

Doctor Spectrum

U.S. Air Force Colonel Joseph Ledger acquires the Power Prism, an alien gem that allows him to project and manipulate light energy constructs of various shapes, sizes and colors.

While Hyperion is “Superman”, Doctor Spectrum is the Squadron Supreme’s version of Green Lantern.

It’s a shame the figure’s using the old “Bucky Captain America” body. It really makes the figure look small next to Hyperion.

The set offers alternate hands for Doctor Spectrum.

A Power Prism accessory is included as well.

Lastly, the set comes with effects parts for Doctor Spectrum.

While it’s not too bad, I do wish they included actual prism weapon constructs a la Green Lantern for the Doc to use and not just the “magic effects” props.

Overall, not too shabby. We had already previously gotten Hyperion way back when the Hasbro Marvel Legends “returned”, but I think this figures goes way better. I had hoped we would get better accessories with this set, but Hasbro gonna Hasbro I guess.

Also, with the announcement of the upcoming Nighthawk and Whizzer 2-pack, we can almost complete the latest version of the Squadron Supreme in the comics (“Heroes Reborn” saga), missing only Power Princess to complete the core team.

This set was released as a Pulse Fan Channel exclusive.


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