Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl

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Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green is a mutant with squirrel powers, she has the ability to talk to and command squirrels. She can also leap really high and has actual super strength. Her 3-foot long prehensile tail can be used to wrap around her opponent’s eyes and temporarily block their sight.

Because of the giant tail, the figure’s somewhat difficult to stand outside of a basic A-stance, the tail also has zero articulation.

Her costume here is based on her more contemporary look in the comics.

She comes with 3 of her Squirrels. The one with the bow tie is Tippy Toe, while the others could be Monkey Joe, Slippy Pete, Mr. Freckle or Nutso, to name a few. She actually has a whole army of Squirrels.

The Vespa bike

The horn is supposed to lock into the central part of the handle (before the brakes) and not on the handle bar itself.

All 3 squirrels can fit in the bike’s basket, no problem.

Doreen fits into the bike well enough. But thanks to her tail, she cannot sit flush on the seat.

Wait… a Vespa can go how fast???

I’m not entirely sure if she actually rides around in a Vespa in the comics or if this is something just cooked up by Hasbro. I do recall her using a crazy, one-man Squirrel copter, called the Squirrel-a-gig.

Overall, not bad I suppose. It’s a new figure added to the Marvel Legends Avenger team’s ranks and the set is nice (not liking the chubby 1960’s-style face sculpt though), it’s funny to see Hasbro get some extra mileage out of the Deadpool Vespa bike mold.


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