Marvel Legends The Marvels Totally Awesome Hulk (partial) Wave

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Marvel Legends The Marvels Totally Awesome Hulk (partial) Wave

Iron Man (Heroes Reborn)
Marvel Boy
Commander Rogers
Totally Awesome Hulk

Iron Man (Heroes Reborn)

After returning to the original 616 Earth from Franklin Richard’s pocket dimension after the events of Marvel’s Onslaught saga, Tony Stark creates a new armor. Officially named Model 16, the armor featured standard Iron Man Repulsor weaponry, a Unibeam, as well as a new sonic beam attack armament. It also offered a force bubble projector to generate a shield around himself as well others nearby.

The armor was co-designed by comics legends Alex Ross and writer Kurt Busiek and debuted in 1997.

This particular armor model would eventually be abandoned by Stark in favor of safer alternative Iron Man suits due to health problems that could possible arise from continuous exposure to the massive power output from this unit.

As usual, Iron Man comes with open hands that have holes for the Repulsor blast effects parts to plug into.

Marvel Boy

A Kree from another universe, Noh-Varr possesses superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. He also has flight and energy projection abilities. He is listed as one of the most powerful male heroes in Marvel Comics.

Since the figure is using one of the older body designs, it’s still got pinned joints.

For accessories, Noh-Varr comes with a pair of Kree blasters.

In the comics, he’s eventually revealed to be bisexual and in a relationship with fellow new Guardians of the Galaxy member, Hercules.


A core member of the Inhuman Royal Family, Karnak is the cousin of the Inhuman’s King, Black Bolt. Through meditation and intensive training, Karnak has gained the ability to perceive the weak points in any person, object or plan. A skilled martial artist, Karnak has toughened his body’s striking points to the level of being able to shatter steel.

The figure uses parts from the old “pizza Spidey” Marvel Legends buck.

While genetically stronger than an average human due to his Inhuman heritage from his biological parents, Karnak was never exposed to the transformative Terrigen Mists. Thus, he does not have actual unique superpowers, unlike the rest of his kin. His abilities are the from the results of a lifetime of hard training.

Since this is on the old “Pizza Spider-man” body, it uses pinned joints.

His only accessories are a spare set of “chopping” hands.

While incredibly strong and versatile to physical damage, Karnak, like most Inhumans, actually have a weak immune system. Their race immediately gets sick if exposed to regular viruses that wouldn’t be too harmful to ordinary humans. This is due to their species’ isolation from the rest of the world for centuries.

Commander Rogers

Based on Steve Roger’s outfit while he was the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Following Steve’s assassination after the events of Civil War, Bucky Barnes became the new Captain America. After Steve was brought back to life, he decided to let Bucky continue to be Captain America, while Steve became the new Director for the agency.

The figure uses the same parts as the latest USAgent figure body, with new (?) legs.

I’m glad they gave us a new Steve Rogers head and not just reuse the head from the 20th Anniversary Captain America set.

The body still uses pinned joints though.

The “hologram” shield is new for the toyline. Since Bucky was currently using the original shield, Steve uses his “back up” hologram shield from the times his shield was either stolen or broken.

It still uses the old tried and true “clip style” connection.

The shield can be pegged onto Cap’s back for some reason (it’s a hologram shield, he usually just turns it off from his wrist band when not in use).

While I’ve always wanted the hologram shield for Cap, it’s a shame Hasbro had to go and use a smaller diameter for it. We had just gotten a properly-sized shield for Cap with the Ultimates version, and now we’re back to this smaller design again?

“When Captain America throws his hard-light-construct shield…”

Totally Awesome Hulk

Korean American Amadeus Cho is seventh smartest person on the planet. After becoming friends with Bruce Banner, Amadeus Cho is able to remove and transfer the Hulk from Banner into his own body. Cho becomes the “Totally Awesome Hulk”.

Unlike Banner, Cho is able to control his Hulk transformation thanks to the device he has on his left arm. Also, thanks to his heightened intellect, he is able to retain his brilliant mind while he’s in Hulk form.

The figure features reused older Hulk parts, but the new legs are pinless though.

Amadeus Cho Hulk stands roughly 8.75 inches tall.

Thankfully, the newer BAFs come with alternate hands so we can get some added posing options.

Ultimately, this form is only temporary for Cho, as he does eventually lose some of the power of the Hulk and he gains a different form in the comics, called “Brawn”.

The partial wave. I’m not really super excited for the Marvels, after the series of disastrous movies and shows after Endgame, the MCU is pretty much dead. I’ll pick up the female trio when they eventually go on clearance (maybe)…


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