Marvel Legends Thor Love and Thunder partial wave

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Marvel Legends Thor Love and Thunder partial wave

Mighty Thor
Ravager Thor


The former prince of Asgard, Thor is back in fighting form again following the crushing personal events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. The God of Thunder tries to find new purpose in his life after suffering through much loss and heartache.

Lots of details went into sculpting and painting this figure. Kudos to the Hasbro team for making it stand out.

Thor comes with his Stormbreaker hammer (axe?).

It’s a bit tricky to get Thor to hold Stormbreaker sometimes. He can’t really hold the middle of the handle since it’s too slim for his grip, you can only get him to hold the weapon near the end of the handle, which makes it look awkward sometimes.

While I like the details of his “helmeted” look, the set really should have come with a non-helmeted Thor head as well, since Thor wore the helmet for only a few seconds in the movie.

Thankfully, you can use the Ravager Thor’s head on this body to recreate how Thor looks for 99% of the movie.

Interestingly, there is a knock-off version of this figure going around, the bootleggers were kind enough to include the non-helmeted head right off the bat with this package, which is how this set should’ve been properly done (for shame, Hasbro).

Mighty Thor

Following an accidental protection spell that Thor cast on his hammer years before, Mjolnir transforms Jane into the Mighty Thor. She then gains all the powers and abilities of Thor Odinson and even gains a new outfit that materializes on her body out of thin air to go along with her new powers.

“Break damage” tooling is present on Mjolnir (Hela crushed Mjolnir back in Thor Ragnarok, it got better).

Thankfully, Hasbro automatically included an “unmasked” Jane head with this set, so we wouldn’t need to buy another “sold separately” variation of Mighty Thor to get everything (unlike with Thor).

Whenever she enters battle, Jane’s helmet materializes on her head.

Reunited with Thor at last.


Gorr the God Butcher was once a devout prophet that worshipped his planet’s gods. However, after the loss of his daughter, along with his entire civilization, due the negligence of his god, Ragu, Gorr swore vengeance upon all gods in existence. Gaining the destructive Necrosword, Gorr is transformed into the immensely powerful God Butcher. Under the Necrosword’s corruptive, evil influence, Gorr goes on a killing spree across the cosmos, putting him on a direct path against the God of Thunder.

Some decent tooling on Gorr, highlighting his body’s scars from a hard life.

Gorr comes with the powerful Necrosword for an accessory. Capable of slashing any living god in the MCU, this weapon also slowly corrupts those it empowers, driving them to madness.

Gorr’s cape can be removed.

While the figure does have the usual leg articulation, getting any real mileage out of it is not happening, due to his large skirt getting in the way.

Personally, I would’ve loved to see Gorr have some black color for his garb, just like how he appeared in the comics. All that white is just boring to look at. As a character in the ever-expanding MCU, I think Christian Bale did this guy great, certainly a lot more going for Gorr, than say, the Flagsmashers from Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It’s a shame Gorr wasn’t set up as a next MCU existential threat, I think Bale could’ve done more great stuff with this character.

Ravager Thor

After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Thor joins the Guardians of the Universe on their space adventures as a Ravager as he tries to find his new purpose in the universe.

While I’m not a fan of Thor as a Ravager (makes the whole team pointless, really), it’s the only way to get an unmasked head for Thor in this series to go with the armored figure. I guess I can always use the Ravager body with another figure’s head (lol, Peter Parker or JJ Jameson maybe?).

His Stormbreaker hammer is included with this set.

The figure can’t do the “splits” scene we saw in the movie… aww, bummer…

Pretty great print details on Thor’s shirt.

Comparison with the armored version from this wave.

Stormbreaker is different for Ravager Thor than Armored Thor. Ravager Thor’s hammer looks better, it seems to sport more paint apps?

The partial wave.

Overall, a mixed wave. While the sculpt and details are pretty good and spot on for the most part, the assortment was poor choice. I didn’t get the full wave for this series as I’ve gotten already the previous iterations of Star Lord, Valkyrie, Teen Groot and Korg. I didn’t feel like double-dipping again into what would be half of this wave.

In the end, I decided to just get the figures that I needed and called it a day (no point in going full completionist for this line at this point I reckon). Thankfully, Hasbro didn’t make the wave’s Build-A-Figure Gorr or Mighty Thor, that would’ve forced everyone to buy the whole wave and that would’ve been a real headache.


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