Marvel Legends Toxin

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Marvel Legends Toxin

Like the Deluxe Venom, Toxin’s back half has to be attached manually.

The tendrils take some figuring out to get where they’re supposed to go.

Toxin is an offspring of the Carnage Symbiote, the ninth Symbiote introduced into the comics and the 1000th spawn in the alien symbiote’s particular bloodline. It was actually on the side of angels for once as its first host was police officer Patrick Mulligan, who tried to live a heroic life. Mulligan was eventually killed and the symbiote harvested by Blackheart. The symbiote was eventually rescued and it bonded with Eddie Brock for a while. After the “King in Black” storyline, it is shown that the Toxin symbiote is now bonded to teenager Bren Waters, a son of a Guardsman.

Toxin was released as a Marvel Fan-Channel exclusive in the US, but was pretty available around Asia.

That’s a lot of stuff going on there….

Since he’s a retool of Deluxe Venom, he’s also quite big. To fit him in standing, you will need 9 inches of clearance thanks to the tendrils sticking out.

Toxin possesses all the abilities of the other symbiotes. But actually has somewhat stronger resistance to sonic and flame attacks compared to his predecessors.

This version of the anti-hero is based on when Eddie Brock was bonded to the Toxin symbiote. The original Patrick Mulligan version was leaner in terms of build, similar to Spider-man or Carnage, and lacked the huge freaky jaw and tongue (looking more like Spider-man when he wore the black suit).

The eyes may be a bit off and they’re a lot of tendrils, but I think this can still pass for the Bren Waters Toxin.


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