Marvel Legends Toys R Us Exclusive Spider-man Mary Jane 2 pack

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Marvel Legends Toys R Us Exclusive Spider-man Mary Jane 2 pack

Kudos to the artist, I think this is the best representation of MJ for me ever drawn. Captures the “girl-next-door” look perfectly. Sadly, the actual figure’s head sculpt doesn’t look half as good.


Based on the Spider-man costume that old web-head used during his time as CEO of Parker Industries. The suit features a “mimic” ability that allows it to change into Peter’s plainclothes (like the Venom costume) and also features resistance to lasers. It also has a wide variety of scanning abilities. Oddly it does not feature stealth capabilities like the Big Time suit (currently worn by Kaine as Scarlet Spider).

The costume was designed by comics superstar Alex Ross.

As for the toy itself, the figure reuses the head sculpt from the Superior Spider-man figure, as you’ll notice with the embossed eye lenses.

Figure comes with a “mature”, current-day Parker Industries Peter Parker head.

As CEO of Parker Industries, Peter adopted Tont Stark’s original take on his alter-ego and used Spider-man as his “bodyguard” to explain the wall-crawler’s presence on the premises. Only a select few know Peter’s identity.

Originally created by Doctor Octopus during his time inside Peter’s body as the Superior Spider-man, Parker Industries grew into one of the foremost companies in tech worldwide, even after Peter regained control of his body, the company continued to flourish. It seemed like Peter Parker had finally reached the big score.

This all changed recently during the Secret Empire storyline where Hydra wanted to take over Parker Industries. Peter decided the best course of action was to destroy everything he built so that Hydra couldn’t get anything. Leaving him penniless and earning the ire of everyone who bought his Parker tech devices which became useless.

“Wait… so I’m broke… again?”

Mary Jane Watson

Ahh.. Peter’s.. ex… whatever. Seriously, at this point I really wish Marvel brings back the Peter -MJ marriage.

The sculpting isn’t too bad, but I do find it to be a bit “fierce” looking. This is made worse by the recent reuse of this head as Black Widow in the ML Vintage line.

Too bad they couldn’t copy the face from the packaging.

To be honest I haven’t picked up a single issue of Spider-man ever since the One More Day debacle. There was always something that felt good about reading the 80’s-90’s Spidey books, of Peter coming home to his wife after a long, hard day of crime fighting. Something not many other superheroes have the luxury of.

Hopefully Marvel will one day fix the whole thing and we get Peter and MJ back together again.


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