Marvel Legends Tracksuit Mafia

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Marvel Legends Tracksuit Mafia

A small-time criminal organization composed mostly of Russian-American immigrants operating in New York City, the Tracksuit Mafia often wore (red) tracksuits to identify themselves when on a heist. While not technologically equipped beyond the level of street thugs, they can still be dangerous due to their numbers and aggressive behavior. In the comics, they first appeared in 2012 and often crossed paths with the Marvel heroes Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

The set comes with various heads. By default, it comes with Tomas, a Polish member of the Tracksuit Mafia. In the Hawkeye Disney+ series, he’s the guy who throws the Molotov cocktail that burns down Kate Bishop’s apartment. The likeness of actor Piotr Adamczyk is pretty decent.

The alternate head is supposed to be Kazimierz “Kazi the Clown” Kazimierczak. In the MCU, he functions as Maya Lopez’s sign language translator and is the second-in-command of the Tracksuit Mafia. The likeness of actor Fra Fee is pretty decent.

It’s a shame we don’t get the other unique heads from the rest of the group show, such as Enrique, Dmitri and Ivan Banionis, despite having their images on the side of the box. We only get “ski masks” heads to build up the rest of the gang.

Guess which Mafia member I am underneath the mask… ?

The set comes with a lot of weapons for the crew if you want to army build them. These include a golf club, a bat, a bolo, a crowbar and a Molotov cocktail.

I wish they designed this better. That is NOT how you hold a burning bottle.

In the comics, Kazi the Clown is a make-up wearing assassin hired by the Tracksuit Mafia to kill Clint Barton (Hawkeye). He was responsible for making Barton deaf by putting two of his arrows into his ears.

Since this thing has some army build potential, I just went with it and got a case of six of these figures (it was a lot cheaper to get them by the case load).

Lol… Just having some random group fun.

Wait, who’s who?? Lol…

Lol.. it was only after I got six that I realized in the Hawkeye show there was only five members of the crew. Ah well…

Overall, a pretty fun figure. I sure enjoyed it more than I thought I would. While not super iconic, I think they work just fine as generic henchmen for Kingpin or any supervillain to have around. The figures are a lot more fun when there’s more of them on display. The sheer amount of accessories also puts any of the previous Marvel Legends army builders to shame (those figures usually only came with a rifle and a pistol for weaponry).

One negative about this set though, was that some of the figures seem to have problems with their left elbows. Try as I did, I couldn’t get some (3 out of 6) of the left double-jointed elbows to bend all the way. It’s hit or miss, really. Strange…

This figure was released as a Target exclusive in the US.


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