Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-man 5-pack

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Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-man 5-pack

Since this is a 5-pack, the box is bigger than standard Marvel Legends. It measures 16 x 10.5 x 2.75 inches in dimension.

Ultimate Spider-man (symbiote costume)
Molten Man
Human Fly

Ultimate Spider-man (symbiote costume)

On Earth-1610, Peter Parker comes into contact with “the suit”, a bio-mechanical organism created by his late father and Eddie Brock Sr.. It greatly augments his spider-powers but makes Peter lose control to the point where he wants to kill his opponent. He later manages to break free of the suit by electrocuting himself.

The figure is a purple redeco of the Spider-man figure from the Venom Space Knight wave Ultimate Spider-man with a new head.

In the Ultimates universe, the symbiote looks metallic purple instead of the usual black colors.

Since in this universe, Peter is still in high school, he’s basically still just a kid, hence the smaller stature.

For accessories, the figure only comes with two pairs of extra hands.

I used a third party display base to get some more mileage out of this figure.


Silvio Manfredi is the mafia don of the Maggia crime family. Obsessed with extending his life, he changes his frail, old body into a cybernetic one. Ruthless, cunning and strategic, Silvermane runs his criminal empire with a literal iron grip.

The figure shares parts from Ultimate Beetle (from waaaay back in 2014’s Ultimate Green Goblin wave, almost 10 years ago!), with new forearms and a reused head from the Absorbing Man wave packed with speed Demon.

At least his face is using the new Hasbro “faceprint” technology, so it’s got cleaner paint applications compared to the previous head.

The old Marvel Legends Silvermane with an RC toy “body” from the Absorbing Man wave.

The figure comes with guns to keep him interesting. Silvermane comes with the most accessories in this 5-pack.

Molten Man

Mark Raxton, a former Oscorp scientist, is accidentally doused with an experimental liquid alloy, granting him super powers, but permanently leaving his skin covered in metal . Realizing his newfound strength and invulnerability, Raxton turns to a life of crime as the Molten Man.

The figure shares parts from the Human Torch.

As his skin is completely coated in frictionless metal, not even Spidey’s webs can stick to him. The mysterious alloy, now fused to his body, also greatly increases his strength and durability.

As the Molten Man, Raxton also has the power of thermokinesis, generating and controlling heat and flame, as well as shoot explosive fire from his hands.

Molten Man comes with some effects parts for his hands.

Mark is actually the stepbrother of Peter Parker’s friend Liz Allan. After many defeated bouts at the hands of Spider-man, Raxton eventually decides to serve his time in prison and reforms, thanks to the love and support of his friends and family (I’m always a sucker for redemption arc stories).


Buford Hollis is a large, 6′ 8″ man. Despite only having slightly above-average human physical strength and endurance, he establishes himself as a hero using his street smarts and self-taught fighting skills. Wearing a wild-boar headpiece, he names himself Razorback.

I think the figure uses parts from the Hyperion body? The headsculpt is definitely new.

Lol.. zero paint or weathering on this figure. Worse. this guy doesn’t come with any accessories either. Geez Hasbro…

As an excellent mechanic, Razorback incorporates his cowl with a hidden electrified gimmick, that is controlled by a switch in his gloves. The cowl has an electrical charge powerful enough to knock out even Spider-man.

It’s later revealed that Razorback actually does have mutant ability, the power to instinctively know how to fly or operate any vehicle despite having no prior experience. He prefers to call any vehicle he’s driving the “Big Pig”.

Human Fly

A former small-time crook, Richard Deacon gains fly-like powers when he undergoes the same procedure that created the Scorpion. Wishing to get revenge for an earlier foiled plot by Spider-man, the villain now sets his sights on the hero for revenge.

The figure uses parts from the old “Bucky Captain America” body.

Aside from increased strength, speed and reflexes, Deacon is now able to fly and cling to surfaces much like his namesake. The Human Fly’s compound eyes also enable him to see in all directions at the same time.

In combat, the Human Fly’s wings can vibrate fast enough to generate concussive shockwaves.

His wings are shipped separated from the backpack, you’ll have to push them in to get them situated.

The wings are actually on a ratchet system, so they will hold very well in position.

For whatever reason, Hasbro included these hands with Fly, I can’t imagine what he can do with them since he doesn’t have any weapons or accessories. It would’ve been better to give him fully open hands instead, for dynamic poses.

The Human Fly at one point was a member of the Sinister Sixteen, alongside several B-list Spider-man villains.

The full pack.

Overall, not bad I guess? While it’s good that we’re getting “new, never released” characters for the most part, I find it really disappointing that the set was done with almost entirely reused bodies from older figures, with very minimal unique tooling (the heads) and hardly any accessories. All for a very high price point.

The assortment doesn’t make sense either, since they never crossed paths with Ultimates Spider-man and it’s weird for Razorback to be considered a villain, as shown on the box, when he’s actually not. Definitely one of the less impressive boxsets in the Marvel Legends line in a while.

This set was released as an Amazon Exclusive.


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