Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-man vs Vulture

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Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-man vs Vulture

Spidey here is based on the “Ultimates Universe” version, indicated by the missing red webs on the figure’s triceps area. The design is also very iconic of artist Mark Bagley’s “big eyes” look for the wall crawler whenever Bagley drew him.

The figure comes with a “web-shooting” right hand and a pair of “open” hands. It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include a closed right fist for the figure.

The Vulutre

This set features the Vulutre that’s also based on the “Ultitmates Universe” take on the character.

The helmeted head requires totally swapping out the unmasked head.

To equip the wings, you have to remove a part of the backpack first.

Sadly, the wings don’t sport any articulation.


For some reason, the Vulture never really struck me as a dangerous villain (even though he utterly humiliated Spidey on their first go around back in the day). But I’m glad we got a proper release for this classic villain in the ML line.


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