Marvel Legends Venom: Space Knight and Mania

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Marvel Legends Venom: Space Knight and Mania

Venom: Space Knight

Following his adventures as an Avenger as Agent Venom, symbiote-bonded Eugene “Flash” Thompson is then assigned to join the Guardians of the Galaxy as an envoy for the superhero team. The symbiote eventually undergoes a metamorphosis after it is cleansed of its past trauma and Venom becomes an “Agent of the Cosmos” as a Space Knight, traveling across the galaxy and doing good wherever he can.

The figure is a redeco of the Build a Figure from the Venom: Space Knight wave. With very minor changes to the shade of white paint and improved overall paint deco, particularly for Venom’s Guardians of the Galaxy logo.

Clearer Guardians of the Galaxy logo on his shoulder compared to the older release.

Since it’s a reuse, it still uses pinned joints.

The figure stands roughly 7.5 inches tall.

The figure comes with optional attachments for Venom’s arms. These were not included with the original BAF.

Not really the best execution here, thanks to Space Venom not having any fists, the optional parts don’t seem like they hold down flush enough?

I’m also not a fan of the hollowed bottoms on the attachments.

Lastly, Space Knight Venom comes with an all-new alternate head, showing its more symbiote look. This head was not included with the older BAF version.


When Flash Thompson came under attack from the supervillain Jack O’ Lantern, one of his students, Andrea “Andi” Benton, bonds with a part of Venom’s symbiote and becomes Mania. She eventually chooses to use her powers to fight crime together with Flash instead of giving in to her darker desires.

Watch out for the spikes on this figure, they are a bit pointy.

She uses the pinless joint design.

As the symbiote is essentially a fragment of the original Venom suit, Andi gains the powers and abilities of Venom, including increased strength, reflexes, web shooting and even limited camouflage capabilities.

Sadly, Mania doesn’t come with any extra accessories.

She’s quite small compared to the BAF Space Knight Venom.

It’s a shame we didn’t get “standard” Agent Venom in this two-pack instead, since that was the only time these two worked together as teacher and protege. While Space Knight Venom only appeared with Mania when the latter started to lose control and Flash had to come back to Earth to take the symbiote away.

After only a few adventures, Andi is eventually stripped of the Venom symbiote when she starts to lose control and she eventually finds and bonds with the remains of the Scream symbiote and becomes a new antihero, Silence.

Overall, not really bad but could’ve been a lot better. I think Mania should’ve come with some accessories, since she is the main draw for most collectors, especially she’s a never-before-released character in the ML line. I also think Agent Venom would’ve been a better fit for this two-pack instead of Space Knight Venom as well. The new accessories are OK but they’re not important enough to draw folks into getting a second Space Knight figure. Ah well…

This set was a Target exclusive in the US.


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