Marvel Legends VHS Animated Series Cyclops

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Marvel Legends VHS Animated Series Cyclops

Field commander for the X-men team, Scott Summers has led the mutant superhero team through their toughest battles thanks to his expert tactical skills. Cyclops is also well trained in martial arts and various hand-to-hand combat techniques. His greatest power is his mutant ability to fire powerful “optic force blasts” from his eyes.

The body uses parts from the new Morph and Vulcan body mold.

Since this is technically under the Marvel Legends VHS subline, the figure does sport some cel shading. Thankfully, it’s subtle.

I love that the new figure sports an all-new harness piece. It’s a big improvement over the previous Cyclops and seems less bulky. It really fits in better with the overall look of the figure.

Unfortunately, the figure doesn’t come with any extra heads or effects parts, only just extra hands for old Cyke.

In the comics, its been noted that Cyclops can fire his optic blasts by opening the slit his battle visor, which is controlled by pressing the sides of the visor, or by pressing firing studs located in his uniform’s gloves.

It’s really a shame the set doesn’t come with any effects parts for his optic blasts. This is such an awesome figure, it totally blows away all of the previous versions.

The previous Cyclops figure from the Warlock wave.

Overall, I like it. Hands down, the best Cyclops yet! The new figure definitely looks much better than the previous versions. I just wish the set came with more accessories, like effects parts and maybe an alternate head? The new higher price point plus fewer accessories for these newer releases are just ruining it for a lot of folks. Sigh…


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