Marvel Legends VHS Animated Series Morph

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Marvel Legends VHS Animated Series Morph

I’m pleasantly surprised Hasbro reinvented their “lock” for holding figures in place in their cardboard trays starting with this figure, good to see their still innovating as they go.

Kevin Sydney is a mutant with the ability to shape shift into anyone and even copy their powers.

Morph shares parts from “Love Triangle” Cyclops (bomber jacket) and the new Vulcan figure (torso and legs).

A previously long-lost, unused character created back in the 1960’s, Morph was re-introduced in the X-men the Animated Series’ pilot episode back in the 1990’s, just to be immediately killed off for shock value in the next episode.

The figure features some minor cel shading here. Thankfully, its nothing too overt.

Morph’s only accessory, aside from his extra hands, is an alternate “evil” head, from the time Mister Sinister revived and brainwashed him into attacking the X-men.

Overall, pretty good. I’m glad we’re finally getting a decent Morph to go into the line. Thankfully, the cel shading doesn’t really stick out so much, compared to Jubilee and Storm, so it’s acceptable enough. Too bad it doesn’t come with any additional extra accessories though. Sigh.. Hasbro gonna Hasbro.


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