Marvel Legends VHS Smythe and Peter Parker

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Marvel Legends VHS Smythe and Peter Parker

Peter Parker

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker is given super powers and decides to use his abilities to selflessly help others.

I’m glad the Hasbro Marvel Legends team decided to use Peter’s outfit from the second season onwards. I liked this design for Peter over his polo t-shirt get up.

Sigh.. my Peter has some glue residue on the left side of his hair. Dang it, Hasbro QC…

I think the legs and feet are all-new tooling?

I really love the headsculpt on this figure!

I do sort of wish they included an alternate “spider-sense half-Spidey, half-Peter” head. Seems like a real missed opportunity here.

It’s also pretty cool they decided to include a wrist watch for Peter. I don’t quite remember it being shown often in the animation models though?

Naturally, Peter comes with his camera for taking photos of Spider-man to sell to the Daily Bugle.

Lastly, Peter comes with a pair of “web-shooting hands” for some reason. They only kind of make sense if they included web shooter accessories for Peter to equip? Cool, but a bit nonsensical?

Heh, I see some real potential for customizing a Ryo Saeba from the City Hunter Anime here. I wish I had some real customizing skills to repaint the body and sculpt a head for it.

Peter with his loved ones.

I can’t believe it’s taken Hasbro a couple of decades but we finally have a proper animated Peter Parker with his supporting cast for 1994’s Spider-man the Animated series! It’s about time!

I gotta admit, Peter Parker just wouldn’t be the same without people around that love him. I think that stands true for all of us.

Yeah… remember to never take the people important to you for granted.

Speaking of, I really, really do wish Marvel fixes the whole Peter-MJ dynamic in the current comics. It’s really a huge mess and I haven’t picked up an issue of Spider-man in a long while. They should really just give Peter the happiness he deserves.

Heh, if I had a supermodel/actress wife, I would probably never leave her side, super hero alter ego be damned.


Alistair Smythe, the son of Spencer Smythe, inventor of the Spider-slayer robots, was once a decent man. After seeing his father supposedly perish at the hands of Spider-man, he begins to work for the Kingpin, designing more powerful Slayers to take out the wall-crawler. He is later transformed into a cyborg programmed to become the ultimate Spider-slayer.

The figure sports a lot of unique tooling.

Thankfully, the figure doesn’t come with any cel-shading paint apps, so he can be used to compliment the main Marvel Legends line, since he looks the same as his classic comic book counterpart.

It’s a shame the figure doesn’t come with anything except a pair of alternate hands.

The figure does sport a lot of new unique tooling though, so at least there’s that.

I don’t recall if Smythe ever used the short blades on his forearms to cut through things in the cartoons or comics.

In the cartoons, Smythe’s shoulder pylons are capable of firing energy blasts. In the original comics, they’re actually just curved blades that can be used to cut enemies when he’s charging at them.

As cool as this figure is, it does seem somewhat incomplete without his hover-chair vehicle.

Overall, a very good set. While the pairing is an odd choice, at least we get two very highly requested figures from the line that we’ve never gotten before and they do not disappoint. I just really love the Peter Parker figure here, he’s the real draw for this set. I consider Smythe to be the nicely added bonus, since this is the first time we’re getting him in Marvel Legends form.


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