Marvel Legends Vintage Series Cyborg Spider-man

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Cyborg Spider-man

This particular look for Spidey came out during Erik Larsen’s run on “Spider-man” back in the 1990s, specifically the “Revenge of the Sinister Six” saga. Spider-man pretty much got banged up so bad after being attacked by the Sinister Six, he needed to be rescued after being left for dead. He was saved by the mysterious Cyborg X and the Care Foundation patches Spidey up.

The Care Foundation gives Spidey a temporary makeover, the cybernetic arm is actually a cast that makes him heal faster, while the new lens for his mask is something the Foundation put together to help hold his mask together.

Since this came from the 90s, belt pouches were all the rage in superhero costumes.

I really love the blue on this figure. I wish Hasbro released more Spider-man figures in this particular shade of blue.

For accessories, the figure comes with a right web-shooting hand.

…. plus, a web-line for the figure to swing from.

The figure is a lot of fun to pose too.

I really loved the “Revenge of the Sinister Six” saga, it had a lot of revolving “guest stars”, from Hulk to Deathlok, Ghost Rider and even the Fantastic Four. Seeing “the Six” beat the crap out of Spidey and the issue’s particular guest star in every chapter was quite entertaining. It’s a shame Marvel reprinted the collected saga only once in 1994 and didn’t release any reprints after that.. I really regret selling my single copies to my high school classmate way back then.

Here’s hoping Hasbro releases a proper “Erik Larsen-styled” Spider-man figure down the road.


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