Marvel Legends Vintage Series Gambit

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Gambit

A reformed thief, Remy Etienne LeBeau has the ability to charge any object he touches with kinetic energy, turning it into an explosive item. His preferred objects of choice are playing cards, which allows him to easily carry and throw with great accuracy in the heat of battle.

The figure is a reuse of the previously released Gambit figure from the Caliban wave, this time sporting a new classic head and cartoon-colored coat.

Sigh… dang it, Hasbro…

He also comes with his iconic Bo staff.

New Gambit’s “cards” are properly painted this time.

Pick a card…

Comparison with the Caliban Wave Gambit.

Personally, I don’t like the bright brown coat on the new Gambit, I get that it’s meant to be a throwback to the original Toybiz X-men Animated toy, but I think the darker colors work better for this guy, being an ex-thief after all. Though I guess my favorite color for his coat would have to be the one from the X-men Vs Street Fighter the games (player 1 colors).

Swapping the heads kinda does the trick, unfortunately, the blue on the sides of his head don’t match the rest of his uniform… hmmm… what to do…

With his future wife, Rogue.

I was originally going to pass on this figure, but it just really looks too good compared to the previous release. Looking at it now, I’m really glad I changed my mind and picked this guy up. Gambit was always my favorite X-man, thanks to that roguish charm and all.


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