Marvel Legends Vintage Series Kingpin

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Kingpin

His card is huge! This is the first time we see a Deluxe figure on a “Vintage-styled” card.

Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the “Kingpin of Crime” is the shadowy hand behind all the crime dealings in New York. Fisk has his hand in every criminal racket in town and is obsessed with maintaining power to hold order in his city. A rather large man, his body is actually 98% muscle, making him stronger than an average person and capable of doing some serious physical harm to heroes without enhanced physical strength (like Daredevil).

The figure is a retool of the previous Build-A-Figure (he comes with an ascot instead of a tie now), Kingpin also comes with matching “classic” comics colors redeco.

Kingpin’s only other accessory is his “diamond-studded” walking stick, which is actually houses a laser beam weapon that can fire a short burst of 300 watts, capable of vaporizing a handgun. The weapon is officially called the “Disintegrator Cane”.

Kingpin is big! He stands roughly 7.75 inches tall.

He comes with an alternate “angry and bruised” head equipped on by default.

While Kingpin is a part of Spider-man’s villainous rogue’s gallery, he is generally considered to be the archenemy of Daredevil, given the history between the two. Other New York-based vigilantes like Spidey and Punisher are considered by Fisk as more of a thorn in his side than actual threats to his criminal empire.

Comparison with the previous Build-A-Figure. I guess I’ll relegate the previous figure to being Shadow King’s body permanently now.

Hmmmm…. For some reason, I just can’t unsee angry, fat Lex Luthor with this headsculpt.


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