Marvel Legends Vintage Series Rogue

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Rogue

Anna Marie has the unique ability of temporarily absorbing the powers and memories of anyone she touches with her bare skin, be they human or mutant. After holding onto Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) for too long during one incident, she permanently gains the ability of flight and enhanced strength and speed.

The figure is a retool of the previously released Rogue from the Juggernaut wave.

While I don’t think the face sculpt is perfect, it’s still loads better than anything that came before it. I do wish she was smiling though.

Sigh not a fan of seeing the yellow peeking through the gaps in her jacket.

Her only accessory is an ungloved hand, and a spare “glove-holding” left hand.

For me, I think Rogue looks best when she’s in her flying pose. It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include any flight stands with this figure.

Comparison with the Juggernaut wave Rogue.

Overall, yeah, this is definitely the Rogue to get. All the others just really pale in comparison, thanks to the brighter colors and better head sculpt. Though to be honest, if Hasbro re-releases Rogue with a less grumpy face, I would most likely get that one too.


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