Marvel Legends Vintage Series Wolverine

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Marvel Legends Vintage Series Wolverine

Ahh… the most popular X-man. We already got a brown/ tan uniformed Wolverine figure back when the released the Juggernaut wave and I originally planned to skip this guy (along with most of the Vintage wave actually), but the shade of brown used for this figure actually matches the comic colors more than the Juggernaut one. Plus the brown “mask” accessory is a first of its kind (originally it was yellow, from the Puck wave). So I suppose it was a good a time as any to grab this guy.


“Let’s go, bub!”

The set comes with an “unmasked” head (from the Puck wave) along with a “hanging mask” accessory (originally from Daken from the Arnim Zola wave).

The colors are better on the Vintage version IMHO. This one is from the Juggernaut wave.

Heh, in the original X-men movie, one of the actors considered at the time to play Wolverine was Mel Gibson. I can see the reasoning behind that.


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