Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 2 Scarlet Spider

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Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 2 Scarlet Spider

A reuse of the old Rhino Wave Scarlet Spider, this time, the figure is recast in semi-translucent plastic, which gives it a nice shine.

Despite being a straight up redeco, I think this is a nicer figure compared to the previous release. The red of the plastic seems like a better fit for this figure and brings out the colors better.

Apart from the usual web shooters, Ben Reily also made new gadgets fire from his wrist gauntlets, such as impact webs and stun darts. Something Peter really should’ve thought of first, or at least incorporated into his usual gear later on.

Lastly, the real reason to grab this figure again, a Ben Reily head!

The head is a reuse of the Spider-man and Mary Jane Unmasked Peter Parker head, but blonde. In the comics, Ben dyed his hair blonde to prevent old friends from mistaking him as Peter.

Despite being killed in action and being revealed as the true Spider-man clone, I will always have a soft spot for good old Ben Reily, the guy was like Peter Parker without all the usual baggage and moping. I really wish they bring him back into the main universe somehow.


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