Marvel Legends Vintage Wave Vision

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Marvel Legends Vintage Wave Vision

I’ve been waiting for Hasbro to finally release a proper “classic” Vision. I am really glad to have this figure to add to the classic Avengers line up.

Other notable Visions

Toybiz and Hasbro Ares Wave Vision

Marvel Now Vision (designed by Alex Ross) from the Sam Wilson Captain America, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Vision 3pack.

“White” Vision from the Hulk, Vision, Ultron 3pack.

Created by Ultron to lead the Avengers into a trap, the “synthezoid” turns on his master and joins the Avengers in stopping the mad robot.

Visions Powers include super strength, speed, flight, density control, intangibility.

The Solar Jewel on Vision’s forehead allows him to absorb and store Solar energy, which he later discharge as optic beams. He can also fire infrared and microwave radiation through his optics.

Vision’s intangibility is actually based on interfacing with an unknown dimension, where he shunts and changes his mass accordingly. He can also increase his density to 10x that of depleted uranium.

Last but not least, Vision comes with a “classic” Ultron head. It was originally released with the Ultron figure from the Iron Man 3 Iron Monger series.

I forgot to get Scarlet Witch from the Odin series out from storage to go with this guy, maybe I’ll come back to it later on.


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