Marvel Legends Void (partial) wave

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Marvel Legends Void (partial) wave

Power Princess

Power Princess

Zarda Shelton is a warrior who hails from Utopia Isle, an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, she poses as a professional boxer in her civilian identity. She often tends to flirt with fellow Squadron Supreme members Hyperion and Nighthawk and takes great pleasure in making them lust for her.

In case folks missed it, she’s “Wonder Woman” in the Marvel Universe’s version of the Justice League, possessing superhuman strength, abilities. She can even survive in the vacuum of space for a limited time. She is depicted as heroic or villainous, depending on how the writers use the team in their stories.

Annoyingly, I find her figure is somewhat difficult to stand in most poses. Something seems off with the heel design. Darn.

Bullets and bracelets

Power Princess comes with her sword and shield (no magic lasso here).

Definitely the best “not Wonder Woman” figure in from any toyline.


Namorita Prentiss is a clone of her mother, Namora, the first cousin of Namor the Submariner. Being a human-Atlantean hybrid, she has superhuman strength and abilities even underwater. She also has the gift of flight, same as her cousin, thanks to the wings on her ankles as the result of her being a hybrid.

When they first announced this character, I was really hoping for her classic “flesh tone and green swimsuit” look from when she founded the New Warriors. Instead, Hasbro went with her “Civil War” era look. Sigh..

While studying at Empire State University, she battles Terrax and together with other teen superheroes(Marvel Boy, Night Thrasher, Nova, Firestar and Speedball), and they manage to stop his rampage. They later establish the superhero group, the New Warriors.

Like her cousin, Namor, she can fly thanks to the wings in her ankles.

The partial wave

Yeah, I really didn’t a lot of the figures in this wave interesting. The new Namor and Black Panther aren’t really my cup of tea. I’m not a fan of clear figures, so Void and Crystar are out for me. I also personally prefer the retro carded Vision instead of the one included in this wave. I’ll probably grab Justice later on when I can (no real rush there to get him). Thankfully, the only two figures that I wanted to get in this set are very well executed (especially Power Princess).


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