Marvel Legends Warlock Wave

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Marvel Legends Warlock Wave

Old man Logan

Colossus (Pyotr Rasputin)

This costume is based on his modern era one (not to be confused with Astonishing X-men costume)

Colossus also comes with an alternate “bearded” head.

Shatterstar (Gaveerda-Seven)

Shatterstar is a genetically engineered being. He possesses superhuman senses and abilities. He also has the ability to generate shockwaves through his weapons and create teleportation portals as well. He’s also one of the bisexual superheroes, being in a relationship with fellow X-Factor teammate, Rictor. He is also the son of Longshot and Dazzler from the future.

Definitely one of the cooler figures in this wave.

Dazzler (Alison Blaire)

Created in 1980, Dazzler was meant to be a singing superhero back in the day. She can convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams, even create holograms. She is later revealed to be the mother of Shatterstar (she thought she had a miscarriage but in reality Shatterstar time traveled to the past to erase his parents memory of his birth) .

The “Disco Queen” mutant, complete with roller skates!

Lol… she comes with a microphone as an accessory. A performing singer to the end.

Light effects, can’t have disco without light effects!

Polaris (Lorna Dane)

Like her father, Magneto, she has the ability to manipulate magnetism, create force fields and flight.

Effects parts

Can’t say I’m a fan of how Hasbro went about doing her cape.

Her hair is green, as part of her mutation manifesting itself.

With her long-time love interest, Havok. More recently, Havok’s been more romantically involved with Janet Pym (Wasp) from the Avengers.

Man, it’s a shame they didn’t give different effects for these two, it’s not like they fire the same kind of energy. Tsk…

Cyclops (Scott Summers)

Wow, after all this time, Hasbro finally gives us a “Jim Lee” styled Cyclops. I think this is one of the most requested figures ever since Hasbro gave us Jean Grey way back.

Unfortunately, Hasbro short-changed this fantastic figure by giving it crappy boot cuffs and thigh bands. Instead of sculpted into the boots, these cuffs fall off unless they are positioned properly. The cost of glue too expensive now Hasbro? Sheesh…

I love that he comes with his “optic blast” hand, but I wish they gave him an optional left fist as an accessory.

Definitely my favorite in the wave, despite its flaws.

Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida)

Sunfire is a Japanese superhero mutant and can generate super-hot plasma by absorbing solar radiation and capable of flight. He is also an accomplished martial artist.

Solar Fire

Old man Logan (James Howlett)

Based on Mark Millar’s (creator of Kickass) story about Wolverine, set in an alternate universe future where Wolverine is now old, and is one of the last few heroes around after the fall of the superheroes (he single-handedly killed all the X-men thanks to an an illusion cast by Mysterio).

“You kids get off my lawn!”

More recently, this version of Logan was brought into the main universe (the original Wolverine is still dead) and is sporting his more traditional hair style.


Warlock is an alien mutant from the race called the Technarchy. His powers include absorbing life energy (lifeglow) and being able to shape his techno-organic body into any shape.

I originally had an issue with this figure, as the right shoulder joint that came with Shatterstar was stuck. No matter how hard I forced the joint it wouldn’t move. I eventually dipped the joint in hot water for about 3 minutes and slowly wiggled it free, it worked. (Thanks for the tip, Ken!)


Warlock is very tall, standing roughly 9.75″ tall.

As an accessory, Hasbro included this buzz saw as an alternate “hand” for Warlock.

Too bad the cables that connect to his back are very short, they tend to unplug whenever you pose the arms a little too far out.

The Full Wave.


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