Marvel Legends What If..? Hydra Stomper partial wave

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Marvel Legends What If..? Hydra Stomper partial wave

Kingpin (Netflix/ MCU version)
Agatha Harkness

Marvel Legends Kingpin (Netflix/ MCU version)

Wilson Grant Fisk is a wealthy businessman with various business holdings throughout New York City. Using this as a front, Fisk is actually the crime lord simply known in the city’s criminal underworld as the Kingpin!

The figure reuses body parts from the Marvel Legends MCU Happy Hogan buck.

Pinned elbows but pinless knees.

The new male civilian feet are a welcome development from the older design, the new figures don’t topple so easily now.

While this version of Kingpin may not be as bulky or tall as the deluxe figure we got with the Retro Carded Spider-man series, he still stands a good 6.5 inches. His size is more “grounded” to real-world proportions.

The likeness of actor Vincent D’Onofrio is fairly good.

I do wish they made him have a bit more of an expression when did the scans. He seems a bit “blank” to me somehow.

Cunning and manipulative, he frames Daredevil as a terrorist in the Netflix Daredevil series, as well as arrange for the Punisher’s escape from Ryker’s Island penitentiary in order to eliminate his criminal competition in the Punisher Netflix show. Fisk was also able to set up Ronin (Clint Barton) into murdering the original leadership of the Track Suit Mafia before eventually claiming control of the group afterwards in Disney’s Hawkeye series.

The figure comes with the Kingpin’s iconic diamond-topped cane. In the Netflix Daredevil series, Fisk was never showing carrying a cane. The character only started carrying one starting in the Hawkeye series.

Overall, not bad, just decent. While no one expected this figure to come with any real bulk like its comic book counterpart, it at least somewhat generally captures the look of the character as he appeared in the Netflix Daredevil series. I do wish the figure had a more imposing facial expression though, it just comes across as either sad or bored, which is a shame, since the character was really well played out in the various series he appeared in.

Agatha Harkness

The main antagonist of the Wandavision miniseries, Agatha Harkness is a 300-year old witch who schemes to harness a grieving Wanda Maximoff’s chaos magic for herself.

Just like in the series, Agatha’s fingertips are darkened, signifying her corruption due caused by the Darkhold, an ancient tome of immensely powerful, forbidden magical spells.

As she has been practicing magic for over 300 years and used the Darkhold to augment her abilities, Agatha is capable of various spells that include energy and matter manipulation, teleportation, mental control of others and even execute spells that increase her own physical abilities.

Unfortunately, the figure’s outfit greatly hinders her articulation. It’s very disappointing.

The clear purple parts of her costume are removable. Although, mine seemed kind of sticky? I hope it won’t get worse over time.

I gotta say though, I do like the bearded non-super solider animated Steve Rogers head the set comes with.

Netflix Kingpin and Agatha Harkness were released under wave three of the Disney+ series (What If…? Season 2’s Hydra Stomper BAF). I didn’t get the rest of the wave since I just needed these two to round out the MCU/ Netflix cast in my collection. The rest of the wave isn’t a must have for me.


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