Marvel Legends Wolverine 5-pack

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Marvel Legends Wolverine 5-pack

Since the set is a 5-pack, the box is larger than usual, spanning roughly 15.5 x 13.25 x 3.5 inches in dimension.

Omega Red


Logan’s back and this time he’s half naked! Hasbro is definitely running out of ideas!!

The figure is again a retool of the Juggernaut wave release, but a new head and a “shirtless” deco to go with it.

At least Hasbro put a lot of effort into capturing his hairy body. Also… painted nipples!!

“What’d say about my body hair, bub?”

Wolverine comes with an alternate “battle damaged” head.


Callisto is the leader of the Morlocks, a group of mutants surviving in the sewers underneath New York city. While initially written as an enemy of the X-men (particularly Storm), she eventually becomes an occasional ally of sorts from time to time.

The body is a reuse of the “punk” Storm figure from the Apocalypse wave.

She comes with a butterfly knife (a “Balisong” in Filipino!) and a regular switchblade.

While her mutant powers aren’t immediately apparent, Callisto has slightly enhanced strength, speed, durability, tracking senses and mutant healing factor. She also unique tactical brilliance and excellent fighting skills, particularly with knives.


Jason Wyngarde was originally a member of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, before he eventually joined up with the Hellfire Club.

The body is a reuse of the male buck from the Hellfire Club boxset.

Mastermind’s mutant ability grants him the power to cast powerful psionic illusions, making his targets feel, taste and smell objects that aren’t really there. While his range is limited, it is powerful enough to affect Omega Level telepaths like Professor X and Jean Grey. He did require an amplification device to fool the Phoenix, however.

While the default head attached to the body is the real head, the “illusion” head Wyngarde prefers to cast to enchant his targets is included as his only accessory.

For quite a time in the comics, Mastermind was dead, after succumbing to the Legacy Virus. But like most (if not all) of the mutants in the current X-books, he is brought back to life thanks to the mutant island nation of Krakoa.

Omega Red

Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich was once a Russian serial killer that was arrested and eventually experimented on by the KGB to create their own Super Soldier. He becomes their secret special operative/ assassin. He often crosses paths with the X-man Wolverine.

The figure is a reuse of the previously released Omega Red from the Sauron wave with some changes to the deco.

Omega Red’s tentacles are made from Carbonadium, which is a more malleable, yet weaker form of Adamantium. He uses these tentacles to coil around his targets and drain them of their “life” energy. As the Carbonadium is actually slowly poisoning Arkady, he requires to constantly “feed” on the life energy of others to sustain his body.

The set comes with short (retracted) and long (extended) versions of his deadly tendrils.

Another unique ability this villain has is his “Death Spores”, which he secretes out of his body as pheromones. Any normal human individual within proximity of this secretion will either die or become very sick.

The set comes with a new “yelling” head for Omega Red.

Omega Red also has incredible levels of strength and endurance, being able to fight Wolverine for over 18 hours non-stop without showing fatigue. He is also highly resourceful and intelligent and has received special training from the KGB. A truly dangerous opponent.


Silas Burr is a mutant with enhanced levels of strength and endurance. He is also given Adamantium skin, grafted onto his body (except his face).

The figure reuses some parts from the 80th Anniversary Colossus from the 2-pack with Juggernaut.

As part of Cyber’s arsenal, he has retractable claws in each of his fingers. Each claw is dipped in poisons or hallucinogens, making his target even easier to finish off. He also has had extensive military training. Cyber has the unique mutant ability of slowed aging (similar to Logan). It is said he has been around for both World Wars I AND II.

Cyber is REALLY tall next to nekkid Wolverine.

Perhaps Cyber’s greatest weapon against Wolverine is the psychological fear Logan has of him from their earliest encounter. Logan is given the worst beating at that point of his life and it creates a deep psychological traumatic scar for the X-man. The psyschological damage is so severe that the mere sight of Cyber overwhelms him to the point that Logan freezes in terror. However, like everything else that happens to him, Wolverine eventually gets over it, though. Lol…

The full boxset

Released as an Amazon exclusive, this boxset never made it out locally here in the Philippines, except at some specialty stores. This set features a fairly good lineup of unique “never-before-released” characters (3 out of 5 ain’t too shabby, sure beats the Black Order Boxset ratio), so it’s definitely one of the better pickups for me as far as multi-packs in the ML line goes.


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