Marvel Legends Wolverine and Lilandra Neramani 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Wolverine and Lilandra Neramani 2-pack

Wolverine (Brood-infested)

Based on Wolverine’s appearance on the cover of Uncanny X-men #234, where the X-men try to contain a Brood infestation outbreak, with Wolverine becoming overpowered and infected by Brood-controlled Rogue and Psylocke from the previous issue.

The figure is a retool of the Juggernaut wave release Wolverine with a new Brood-infested head and arms.

Yikes. A face only a Brood queen could love.

Brood infections usually take place when the victim is injected with eggs from other Brood through their tails. The victim’s memories and thoughts then become a part of the “hive mind” collective of the Brood species.

The set comes with spare “clawless” hands for Wolverine.

In the issue, Wolverine never really goes “full brood” and fights anyone. His healing factor does eventually overcome the infection, but it took a while for it to happen.

Lilandra Neramani

Princess-Majestrix Lilandra Neramani of the Shi’ar Empire originally came to Earth in search of champions to help her reclaim her throne from her power mad brother, D’Ken. She would then befriend the X-men and develop feelings for Professor Xavier, eventually leading to their marriage.

The figure’s head is different from the Mystique single release figure a few years back (Thanks to Miguel Luis Pigao for the correction).

Aside from having above human average strength and endurance, Lilandra also has some level of telepathic ability. As the previous Grand Admiral of the Imperial guard, she is also well-trained in armed and unarmed combat and can use various Shi’ar weaponry.

She comes with her staff.

While her staff looks impressive, it’s never really shown in the comics if it had any hidden projectile capabilities or if it was just purely ornamental.

With Brood-infested Wolverine.

Overall, not bad, but not quite great. Since Brood Wolverine only happened in a few panels in the comics, the figure feels a bit superfluous. It’s Lilandra folks really want in this set to add a new character to the Marvel Legends roster and it feels a bit unfair to force folks to pay for a 2-pack in order to get her, especially when you realize she and Brood-infested Wolverine never even crossed paths at any point in the comics. Sigh….

At least the Lilandra figure itself doesn’t disappoint and it looks really good.


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