Marvel Legends Wolverine vs. Sabertooth 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Wolverine vs. Sabertooth 2-pack


A mutant with the ability to quickly recover from almost any damage thanks to his mutant healing factor, James “Logan” Howlett is more commonly know by his codename “Wolverine”. His skeleton laced with indestructible Adamantium alloy, along with his ferocity and skill, Wolverine is the best at what he does!

To celebrate Wolverine’s 50th anniversary, the figure is based off of Wolverine when he’s in his civies and out for a good time (usually hanging out at a bar).

Interestingly, the figure doesn’t come with “drop down” hip joints. This seems to be the norm for most Hasbro figures of late, so why not here?

Too bad his cowboy hat isn’t removable.

He comes with an alternate “no claws” pair of hands. Ideal for holding a couple of playing cards. The set also offers and alternate head with a “smirking” face.

Hmm… a “full house”, looks to be a winning hand. Nice.

But we all know popping claws and brawls is what Wolverine’s all about, not playing cards. *Snikt!*


Wolverine’s arch-nemesis. Originally introduced in the comics as a serial killer known as “The Slasher”, Victor Creed would eventually be rewritten to be a mutant and become Wolverine’s greatest foe. Both Wolverine and Sabertooth were part of the government’s secret Weapon X Super Soldier program, but while Wolverine escaped and tried to regain his humanity, Sabertooth would always track him down to force him into battle to draw out Wolverine’s feral instincts for “fun”.

The figure now uses the Omega Red body as a base. This results in the figure being taller and bulkier than any of the previous Sabertooth releases.

The figure stands roughly 7.5 inches tall.

Man, he just towers over poor Logan.

The color pattern of this figure is actually more in touch with the cartoon (and videogame) models, rather than the comics designs, so they pop more. I really love the colors on this guy.

The headsculpt on this guy is pretty good, too. Look at that feral intensity!

For accessories, Sabertooth comes with an extra “less terrifying” head and slightly closed hands.

Two best pals.

I had to use a Third-Party stand for this shot. It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include one for this set.

I’m sure in some corner of the Multiverse, these two are probably the best of friends…. Maybe…Lol..

The original “Itchy and Scratchy”…..

Overall, a pretty solid 2-pack. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a proper Sabertooth figure and this new one really fits the bill quite nicely. The “cowboy” Wolverine in the set isn’t too shabby, either, and does give folks a good bang for the buck (sure beats Brood-infested Logan). I gladly recommend this set to anyone who’s on the fence for it. I think this one is easily the best 2-pack in this wave, compared to the other 2-packs featuring Joe Fixit, Lilandra and Psylocke.


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