Marvel Legends “X-Factor” 2-pack (Havok and Polaris )

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Marvel Legends “X-Factor” 2-pack (Havok and Polaris )


Alexander Summers is the younger brother of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and has the mutant ability to generate plasma energy blasts.

Sigh… big plastic mold deformity for Havok’s foot. I wonder if there’s a way to complain this to Hasbro?

Due to the design of the jacket, the mid torso articulation is limited.

He comes with the garden variety Marvel Legends effects parts.

Havok requires intense concentration to focus his plasma energy into a single direction, otherwise it would just spread out from his body in all directions.

Once Havok has used up all of his stored cosmic energy, it will take him 17 hours to recharge back to peak levels.

Despite having a destructive level of power, Havok actually only has normal human levels of strength and durability.


Lorna Dane can control magnetism and metals, similar to her biological father, Magneto. She can also manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field to allow her to fly and even generate electromagnetic pulses.

Lorna has natural green hair, a sign of her mutant gene.

Because of the way the figure’s hair is designed, her head articulation is very limited.

Still, it can pull off some decent looks.

She comes with the same effects parts as Havok… I wish Hasbro came up with something different for her.

X-Factor duo

Havok and Polaris have a long history of occasionally being romantically involved, being engaged at one point.

The costumes in this set represent their looks from the time when they were part of the X-Factor team sponsored by the U.S. Pentagon.

Overall, not bad, but not great. I wish they included better, or at least, unique effects for each character. I also wish they did Lorna’s hair a bit better to allow for better articulation. Lastly, that issue with Havok’s ruined foot is a real pain.


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