Marvel Legends X-Force 3-pack 2021

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Marvel Legends X-Force 3-pack 2021


Julio Esteban “Ric” Richter’s mutant abilities allow him to generate and control seismic energy, generating powerful vibrations on any nearby object. The vibrations are so strong, they can cause objects to crumble or shatter apart.

The figure reuses a lot of the parts from the Thunderbird figure.

New tooling for his boots?

In the comics, Rictor is often portrayed in a romantic relationship with fellow X-Force/ X-Factor member Shatterstar. Their first kiss was Marvel Comic’s first same-sex kiss depicted in any Marvel Comics publication.

Rictor comes with optional “open palms” hands.

Rictor also comes with some effects parts for his seismic powers.


Neena Thurma is a mutant that has the unique ability to subconsciously generate a “psionic aura” that alters the probabilities of events in her favor, as a sort of “good luck”. Her powers are automatically activated and not something she can generally control. She is the result of a top-secret government breeding program to develop the ultimate weapon, Domino escaped, eventually grew up and became a mercenary for hire, mastering several combat and marksmanship skills.

She comes with a big rifle.

Domino also comes with a sci-fi looking sidearm.


Samuel Zachary Guthrie has the mutant ability to generate thermo-chemical energy from his skin, allowing him to propel himself like a rocket through the air. The same energy also creates an indestructible “blast field” that protects Cannonball from harm as he’s crashing through objects. The same field can also be expanded to protect others near him from harm, or serve as a temporary prison for holding captured enemies. The field can also be used to absorb kinetic energy (such as punches) and redirect them back to the source.

The figure reuses some parts from the Wendigo wave Cannonball, but with more detailed paint added. The “neutral face” head sculpt is new.

The set still comes with the original “angry face” head sculpt from the previous release.

His legs can be removed and the “blast field” effects parts can be swapped in. The effects parts have more paint detail added in from the previous Cannonball figure as well.

The bottom of the “blast field” is hollow.

You can plug the whole thing into any support stand to simulate flight. I’m using a third-party one here.

Overall, a pretty good set. I’m just a little bummed that we have to get Cannonball again, when they should’ve just given us a proper Cannonball the first time around. Still, I’m glad we have a proper 1990s X-Force team (Cable, Warpath, Domino, Boomboom, Sunspot, Shatterstar, Cannonball, Rictor) build almost done, missing only a proper Feral (And maybe Siryn) figure to complete the team.


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